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The grand unveiling – Part 1



On the flight back to Lagos, I wondered why I hadn’t considered going somewhere really far. It would have bought me more time before my father could have me retrieved and shipped back to him at home. Tunji was also on the aircraft but he refused to seat next to me. I tried a couple of times to get his attention, but he ignored me. My father’s reaction to the entire fiasco was dependent on Tunji’s disposition and so I needed to have him on my side.

Tunji’s driver and PA were waiting for him at the airport when we arrived, and so I rode alone with Mr Ken in his car. “How angry is my father”? I asked Mr Ken as we approached the house on Bourdillon. “Your father never gets mad at you Ms. Adesewa. You know you are his baby”. He said with a smile on his face. “That’s not true. He has gotten mad at me many times”. I argued. “Well, piece of advice…keep a fair distance”. Mr Ken said. This time with a serious look on his face.

My father was very well known for having a short fuse. However, he couldn’t carry a grudge for long and was as forgiving as he was ruthless. I had no idea which version of my father was waiting for me in the house. When we arrived, I was shocked to see Tunji’s father’s car in the driveway. I was about to attack Tunji for involving his parents when I heard him ask Mr Ken. “What is my father doing here”?


“He was invited here. Your mother is here also.” Mr Ken said to Tunji as he ushered us into the house.
I just wanted to turn back and run away. What I thought was a private conversation with my father had now become a family meeting which involved Tunji’s mother! For me that was the final straw! The four adults were seated when we walked in. Tunji and I greeted them and we were then asked to occupy two chairs on the other side of the room. After what seemed like forever, my father spoke: “Adesewa, it has come to our attention that you tried to abscond today….” He was saying when I quickly interrupted him. “Daddy, I didn’t try to abscond. I only….” He cut me off “Keep quiet”! His voice echoed around the quiet living room and I had to fight back tears as I painfully swallowed the rest of my words.

“As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted… it appears that we have a situation on our hands. You both obviously have issues you have cleverly hidden from us. We will now sit as a family and review all these issues one after the other. By the time we are done here, it would be clear to all of us if we are proceeding with this wedding or not”. My father declared authoritatively.

Everyone in the room remained silent. My mother had her right hand propping up her chin. Her lips were tightly pressed together and I knew what had happened. My father had warned her not to say anything or throw tantrums and she was trying very hard to comply. I knew it wouldn’t last though…knowing my mother, it was only matter of time before she defied my father’s orders.

Tunji’s mother spoke next, “Well, I think it is only fair that we hear Adesewa’s side of the story first since she was the one who acted out. Surely she must have a valid explanation for her actions”. She said with a forced smile on her face.


To the average person, there was nothing wrong with what she had said. But I didn’t miss the way she had stressed the word “valid”. She was being sarcastic because she had already made up her mind that I was the one with the problem. I kept quiet as I fiddled with her engagement ring. “Talk now”! My mother exclaimed

I was not surprised by her outburst. “Quiet” My father bellowed. My mother dramatically pressed her lips together and sunk into her chair. “I don’t know how to explain what I am going through”. I said. “Well no one can understand if you don’t explain and even if we are to call off this wedding, this young man deserves an explanation”. My father said referring to Tunji. Tunji jumped to my rescue.

“Sir, I am not sure Adesewa would be able to express herself freely being put on the spot like this. Perhaps we can both step outside for a while, have a conversation and let you know our decision”.

My father was about to respond, when one of the domestic staff named Peter walked in and made an announcement.

“Ms. Adesewa, you have a visitor. We have told him you are not available, but he is insisting he has to see you. He is currently causing a scene at the main gate and I want to confirm if we can let the security team handle the situation”.

“Who is this visitor”? My father asked with an irritated expression on his face. “He said his name is Chigozie”. Peter responded.
I could feel the heat from Tunji’s boiling anger and I knew the real drama had just begun.


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