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The grand unveiling – Part 2


This is what it feels like to be the lead character in a low budget picture with a very badly written script. I thought to myself. I had spent the last couple of weeks trying to get Chigozie to reach out to me and tell me what he was thinking. He had been avoiding me obviously because he had told Tunji we had stopped spending time together and now when I had the opportunity to iron out the issues I had with my fiancé and make some progress, he had come right out of the blues to cause trouble.

“Who is this Chigozie and what is he doing in my house”? My father asked looking directly at my mother.There it was! They were doing exactly what I had complained about endlessly! There was a young man at the main gate asking to see me and refusing to leave and my father was asking my mother who the young man was. While I was seated right there!!! Didn’t he think I could speak for myself?

“I don’t know him. This is the first time I am hearing of a Chigozie o”. My mother said in quick defence of herself.“Chigozie is Adesewa’s lover”. Tunji’s mother announced with a very confident look on her face.


There was only one person who could have told her about Chigozie… Tunji. I was so disappointed that he would tell his mother about Chigozie before discussing him with me.

“Mother”! Tunji exclaimed.
He looked at me with a guilty expression on his face. I glared at him and remained silent waiting for the drama to continue to unfold while everyone acted like I wasn’t even present in the room.

“What foolishness is going on here? How can that even be possible”? My father asked with obvious shock on his face.“I found it quite shocking too when Tunji hinted me about the issue. Considering the fact that he tried to make amends and went all the way to Abuja to bring her home, it is safe to assume that Adesewa is the one who is simply not ready for life as a married woman”. Tunji’s mother said.

My mother instantly jumped to her feet and readjusted her wrapper. I rolled my eyes and saw Tunji do the same. If it were under any other circumstance, we would have given each other our secret look.

“My daughter is ready for life as a married woman! Don’t accuse my daughter of such without evidence.” She said wagging her finger at Tunji’s mother.
“Woman! I thought I asked you to be quiet’’. My father said with a warning tone in his voice.

Tunji’s father who had remained quiet finally spoke:
“Is it not fair that we ask the young lady in question what exactly is going on here”? Tunji’s father said in his calm and steady voice.


Tunji’s father was the major reason Tunji and I had made it so far in our relationship. He made up for his wife’s harsh judgements and often unapproachable disposition.

Everyone in the room now had their eyes fixed on me. Finally, it was my opportunity to say all I had to say…all I needed to say. But would it make a difference? Would it make Tunji see me as more than the trophy wife he had groomed for almost a decade? Would it make my father stop accusing my mother of being responsible for every decision I made that was not in line with his plans for me? Would it make Tunji’s mother realize that even though she claimed she was in full support of my marriage to her son, she was still in competition for the number one spot in his life.

I could sit here and discuss all my fears or I could get out of my comfort zone and discover what waited for me on the other side of all my fears. I chose the latter. I got to my feet and headed for the exit.
“Excuse me but I believe I have a guest”. I said.

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