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The man God has for you – Part 3


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Hey lovely women of God, I hope you sincerely enjoyed last weeks’ newsletter. This is the final part of this three-piece newsletter. Enjoy.

*He Will Love God
There is no perfect man; therefore, there is no perfect man of God. Many may try to present themselves as such, but everyone has their flaws. The reality is God isn’t telling you the man he has for you will get it all right, but he will be a man who strives for better. Why? Because he will love God, which in turn will equip him with a great foundation to be able to truly love you. There is no point in God giving you a man who has no desire to put Him first. That would already show his priorities aren’t in order, and it will throw off the entire relationship. He may know who God is, he may be able to quote scripture, or even claim God told him you’re his wife. However, if his actions do not show a man with his heart in God, then he isn’t the man or isn’t ready to be the man to be given the honor of holding on to your heart. He may be in the church, but that doesn’t mean he truly has a relationship with God.

Again, it isn’t about him being perfect because he will certainly have his flaws. However, there is a difference between a man who loves God but struggles with his flesh versus a man who loves his flesh and struggles with embracing God. One can acknowledge he has weaknesses and humble himself in understanding that he needs to do better. The other will try to validate and excuse his flaws while dismissing the need for any correction. “By their fruit you will recognize them”. Not simply the words he speaks. There are men who can scream Hallelujah, but only have intentions to bring you hell. You may be thinking, “Well what if he just isn’t there yet? Maybe I’m supposed to help him get to God?” True, but that can be accomplished as a friend, not while giving him girlfriend/wife benefits. It isn’t your job to “save him” through a romantic relationship. God loves you, and he hasn’t called you to take on that responsibility in that way. Trust that the process must be handled differently, and that God wouldn’t want you to take that next step until this man loves Him enough to be trusted with handling the blessing of being with you.

He Will Want All Of Your Love, Not Just A Piece Of It
A whole man wants a whole woman. Let that marinate for a second. As a matter of fact let me repeat that for you. A whole man wants a whole woman.


You desire a man that is well rounded and well put together, so what do you think he wants? You want a man who can be open, honest, and give you all of his love. Well what do you think he will want? You would love to have a man who doesn’t come with a heap load of baggage and issues that will only have a negative impact on a relationship. Well have you checked your bags at the door? There is a piece of advice that you may have heard before. It says that you should find a man who loves you more than you love him. If you agree with this piece of advice, then I want you to sincerely know that you have lost your ever-loving mind. Ok, maybe that’s too harsh, but you have certainly been misled and bamboozled. This is some of the worst advice ever told (no shade to those who have given it). Again, a whole man wants a whole woman. The only reason you would be looking for someone who loves you more, is because you are still damaged from the one who hurt you. The only way you could even attempt to quantify that someone loves you more than you love them, is if you’re not truly in love with them at all.

So you see, all of this would mean you were not a whole woman, and you would simply be trying to entertain an incomplete relationship. So again I ask, have you checked your bags at the door? The man God has for you wants every bit of you. He wants to give you his all, and wants the same in return. You say you want that kind of love, but are you truly, and I mean truly, prepared to give it? Are you asking “God Where Is My Boaz?” but in reality love scares you, and “Boaz” can’t save you. You may have your walls up so high, that you wouldn’t be able to see the man God has for you when he comes into your life. You may be thinking that you will bring those walls down when that man finally comes. Well read this carefully; No man can heal you, no man can make you whole. You complete yourself first, and then you will be able to bring and embrace that whole man into your life. Now I need to tell you something, and this is very important for you to understand. All of these things I mentioned are needed for you to move forward with a man and have a long lasting, fulfilling, and amazing relationship. However, this does not mean that you may not meet this man or become aware of him before he has truly grown into his position of being with you.

You could come across a scenario where it’s the right person, but the wrong time. You both could need more time for growth, and God knows when it would be best for you to move forward. This is why it is so important to pray, and ask God before you try to make things happen with any man. You don’t need to date his potential, and you don’t need to be with him with the belief that he will eventually become the man you need. You seek God’s guidance, and you take His directions on how to proceed. This will save you a lot of headaches, and set you up nicely for great success. What God has for you is something Amazing, but that doesn’t mean the path to receiving your blessing is going to be an easy one. There is work you have to put in, and that work starts with you. Yes, you are a great woman as you are, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t steps that still need to be taken on your end.

Pray to God, seek Him and He will grant you your Boaz. To our happiness. Cheers.

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