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The man God has for you


Hi ladies, today I am going to share with you some book I came across while doing my everyday research. This is not just for single ladies but for other women out there who are confused as to the type of men they deserve. I found it very interesting and very extremely helpful. READ CAREFULLY AND ENJOY.

“So where is he? When is he coming? And what in the world is taking his behind so long? I know that’s what you’re thinking, and I completely understand how you feel. Waiting for the man God has for you can get annoying, frustrating, and at times feel hopeless. It’s not an easy path to walk, but when done right, it is without a doubt going to provide the most benefit. Does God really have a man just for you? Well to be honest, the answer is yes and no. It’s “no” in the sense that you are not locked in to get a specific man, no matter what you do. The idea that there is a soul mate who you are guaranteed to be with is simply not true. You have decisions in life you have to make, and plenty of people make choices that block them from being with the person who is truly best for them. Notice I said “the person who is truly best for them”. This is where I believe the term “soul mate” can be applied, and this is where the “yes” comes in when asked the question “does God really have a man just for you?” God knows every person who will walk into your life. He knows who will align with your purpose, and be able to have a successful relationship with you. He will embrace any choice you make, but what you think is a good choice may not be God’s choice. Some of you are familiar with the phrase “wait for your Boaz”. For those of you who are not familiar with it, allow me to give a quick explanation. Boaz is a character from the Book of Ruth in the Bible. Ruth was a woman who ultimately received this man as a husband, and many people in the church use this story when speaking to single women hoping to someday receive a great relationship and marriage in their life. So to say “wait for your Boaz” is basically a reference or symbolic of saying wait for the man God has for you. Because when you move forward in obedience, patience, and faith, then you can receive your blessing. So again, the question is, “does God have a man that is just for you?” Well to be technical, if you read the scripture 1 Corinthians 11:9 KJV it states “Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.” Basically you were created to be a blessing to a great man who puts God first. Not that this is your only purpose, but in regards to relationships, this is the dynamic. With that said, you have to be able to recognize who is worthy of you as their blessing, and who you truly best fit with. This list will help you with recognizing the qualities that need to be in place before you move forward with that man, and a glimpse into the work you have to put in for him to receive you.


You Will Be Attracted To Him
You know what they say, “God don’t like ugly!” Ok, I know that quote isn’t referring to looks, but have you ever sat down and thought about what God thinks about the issue of attraction? Do you really think God is expecting you to be with someone you have no physical attraction to? Are you someone who believes “looks don’t matter”, and that it’s only what’s on the inside that counts? Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way and in the eyes of God. However, don’t be fooled into thinking God is trying to set you up for a romantic relationship that lacks a physical attraction. The reality is that a physical attraction is what takes a relationship from platonic to romantic. Think about it…Do you know what a relationship without physical attraction is? It’s called a friendship, or roommates, or even play cousins, you get the point. When you find two people who get along great and you ask one of them why they aren’t trying to be in a relationship with the other, the most popular answer you get is “I’m not attracted to him/her”. Attraction is the missing ingredient and God is fully aware of this dynamic. What’s on the inside is what truly counts, but that doesn’t mean what’s on the outside gets completely dismissed. However, let’s not confuse “looks” with “attraction”. You see, the man God has for you may come in a package you never expected. He may not have the “looks” that you feel you want in a man. He may not be as tall as you dream about; he may have a different build, and a completely different style. The possibilities are wide open, but what he will have is the fact that you are “attracted” to him. Despite what a person’s preferences may be, everyone has come across people that fell outside that profile, yet they still found themselves attracted to that person. You shouldn’t get so stuck on a certain look, but nobody should expect you to bypass a lack of attraction just for the sake of being with someone who is a “good guy”. It’s typically a setup for disaster, and that isn’t what God wants for you.

But wait, looks will fade, so isn’t it shallow to embrace superficial desires? NO! Again, looks is one thing, attraction is another. There are plenty of elderly couples that don’t look like what they did when they were younger, but do not get it twisted, because they can still be ATTRACTED to their partner. They still have that twinkle in their eye, and they still see beauty when they look at each other. There is a big difference between naturally aging, and letting yourself go. Many who have let themselves go have seen attraction fade, but many who have gracefully aged have not had to struggle the same. Ultimately God wants to be glorified in all that he blesses you with. The reality is that if He only gave you a good guy that you’re not attracted to, then the glory would fall short. Why? Because you wouldn’t be as excited and into it.

Have you seen a woman who is with a man she isn’t attracted to? If you have, then I’m sure you have noticed her lack of energy, excitement, and desire with that man. That is not ideal, and God only wants the best for you. The man God has for you may not come in the package you expected, but he will be able to provide you with exactly what you needed. Which includes love and attraction.

He Will Love & Cherish You, Not Mistreat & Disrespect You
I know what you may be thinking. You’re thinking this is an obvious one. Or that this is “common sense”. You’re thinking women should already know this. Well, common sense isn’t always so common, and it’s really easy for someone to get blinded when engaged in an unhealthy attachment. You or a friend of yours can find yourself in, or be in a situation like this, but you’re not seeing it for what it is. What is obvious disrespect to one person may be viewed differently by another. What is a blatant lack of love and attention to one person, may simply be exactly what their parents had, so it all seems normal to the person who is in it. One person’s perceived reality is not another person’s perceived reality, but it all still only has one truth at the end of the day. Everybody makes mistakes, but consistent negative behavior is not a mistake. It is proof of deeper issues that if left unaddressed, will go on to wreak havoc in your life. That principle is true of your issues, but in this case we are talking about the men you choose to romantically entertain in your life. If he isn’t willing to work on his issues, then he isn’t the man for you. If he isn’t willing to hear you out and try to embrace how you feel, then he isn’t the man for you. If he is abusive verbally and/or physically, then he is not the man for you. Don’t look for ways to give a pass to destructive behavior and to ignore the red flags slapping you in the face. You are not here to be any man’s verbal, physical, or emotional punching bag. You are God’s child. You are his daughter. A good father only wants the best for his daughter, and would not ask for you to be with a man who isn’t willing to love and cherish you as you deserve. He would want that man to be an extension of him, a man that he knows has only good intentions, and wants to protect your mind, body, and spirit. There is no father greater than God, so you better believe He only wants you to have a great relationship filled with love and positive energy. It’s not that He expects perfection, but the man should have a genuine desire to honour God blessing him with you in his life.

I would have to end this here for this week because this newsletter is too long to fit into one publication as I have limited space. But I would love for you to sit back and think about that relationship you are in now. Is it of God, analyse it well please before you jump into that marriage. We need to be able as children of God, to reduce the rate of divorce in our generation. Till I continue this newsletter next week, take care.

To our happiness. Cheers.

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