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The other woman



I was exhausted! Tunji and I had spent three days taking the perfect pre-wedding pictures. He wanted everything…a Vegas scene, a romantic scene, some shots on the beach; the whole works! I on the other hand, just wanted to get it over with. Let me explain.

On the first day of our pre-wedding shoot, I discovered some suspicious messages on Tunji’s phone. I wasn’t snooping, I know better than to do that. I had simply needed a contact number on his phone which just happened to be lying carelessly on the bed. He had given me the passcode a couple of times and so I was confident it was because there was nothing implicating on the phone.

As I browsed through his contacts for the number, a message came in. The number wasn’t stored and I accidentally opened the message. It read “Please call me back.” The message status immediately changed to read and my face turned a bright red. How was

I to explain to Tunji that I wasn’t deliberately snooping through his phone? As I tried to think of the best course of action, another message came in, this time it read:

“I am so sorry baby. I didn’t mean to stand you up like that.”

I checked the profile picture of the sender and the image of a very attractive young lady stared back at me. Just as I was about to return the phone to its original position, Tunji appeared. I shoved the phone at him ensuring the message was still visible so he would know I had seen it and then I said “You have a message”. He read it and simply said to me “Thank you”.

I was determined not to ask for an explanation and he was determined not to give me one. We spent the next three days posing for pictures and gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes…yet I was mad at him! So mad!

I eventually decided to confide in Chigozie. We had resolved our little fight at the art gallery and I was glad to pour out my heart to him. I told him all that had happened and he laughed.

“I agree that you deserve an explanation, but considering the fact that he caught you in a compromising situation he may not feel obliged to explain himself to you” Chigozie said.

“What do you mean by compromising situation? I honestly wasn’t snooping. I was looking for a phone number and the messages came in!” I protested.

“Well unfortunately he doesn’t know that, and it would be almost impossible to convince him that is what really happened. So you are just going to have to pretend like it never happened and move on”. He advised.

“I don’t get it. He knows I saw those messages and he just kept quiet! I feel it’s a subtle way of him telling me that I have no right to question him”! I retorted in frustration.

“Look Ma’am. It’s a guy thing. If he explains himself to you now, you are going to feel entitled to getting an explanation every time you snoop around.” He said.
“But I wasn’t snooping”! I exclaimed.

“But he doesn’t know that”! Chigozie said throwing his hands up in apparent frustration. “You know what, if it bothers you so much then just confront him about it”.
“Never! Two can play the game. If he can get dodgy messages so can I”! I said.

“As long as you don’t expect me to send them, you can do whatever you want”. Chigozie said
We were having drinks at a little lounge in VI and I was starting to lose my patience.

“I wasn’t going to ask you to send them. I can always find some else to send them”. I said sticking out my tongue at him.
“Are you sure you want to do this…I mean get married to this guy”? Chigozie asked staring at me intensely.
I nodded.

“Then stop deliberately infusing drama into your relationship. If you think he owes you an explanation go over to him and ask for one. Men don’t like women who play games and throw tantrums all the time. Marriage is for women not high maintenance divas.”

Chigozie signalling for the waiter to bring the bill.
I had barely touched my cocktail but I guess he wanted to go somewhere else.
“Are we going somewhere else? I asked as I started packing up my things.

“You can stay and finish your drink, I have to leave though”. He said rising to his feet as he handed over the cash to the waiter who had since arrived with the bill.
“Where are you going”? I asked surprised at his behaviour. I was accustomed to him moving around his itinerary just to spend time with me.

“I am meeting someone for dinner and I can’t be late”. He said.
“Is this someone male or female”? I asked holding my breath.
“Female”. He responded.

“Are you seeing someone, Chigozie”? I asked
He smiled and me and then said:

“That was a yes or no question. There is no “kinda”, you are either in a relationship or you are not”! I yelled at him.
He looked around uncomfortably. Fortuantely, the other guests at the lounge seemed not to have heard my outburst.
“Yes I am seeing someone Adesewa”. He said.

I was so shocked at the revelation. Why was I jealous after all I had a fiancé and why did I expect him to remain single indefinitely on my account? I grabbed my purse and stormed out of the lounge.
He followed me to my car.

“I don’t do well with dramatic tantrums and you know”. He said as he stood behind me waiting while I searched frantically in my purse for my car keys.

“And I don’t do well with liars”! I exclaimed.
“I am not a liar. As at the time you asked me about my relationship status, I was single. A few weeks ago I met a great lady and I have been spending time with her while you have also been spending time with your fiancé how does that make me a liar”? He asked calmly.

I paused. He had a point, why exactly was I angry? Was it jealousy?
“I think I need some time to figure out what’s going on in my head”. I said to him.

“No Adesewa. You need to figure out what’s going on in your heart”. With that he squeezed my right shoulder and walked away.
My heart sank to my feet as I watched him go off to meet the other woman.

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