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The sexual discretion we all need


Sex is one of the most talked about subjects in our society.

While some discuss it in the open, a few refrain themselves, seeing the subject as issue to be handled behind closed doors.

This may be as a result of their culture, religion, previous unhealthy sex experiences or even exposure.


Whatever it may be, our youths should equip themselves with a good knowledge of sex and sexual behaviours, irrespective of gender and creed to enable them enjoy healthy romantic relationship.

My curiosity of how the subject is handled in the past made me question my mom about sexual behaviour of young women in her prime.

My mum, an Igbo woman, disclosed that in the early 50s sex and sexual behaviours in the public was not tolerated as it is today.

According to her, young women valued their virginity and are married as virgins. Any that defiles herself before the bell rings for her is considered a wayward person and treated like a leper by her peers.

She said young women had to form association of young virgins and that the union segregates from non-virgins. According to her, from interactions with peers they could tell girls who have been deflowered from those still intact.

It is pertinent for young women to understand the male’s perception of sex and sexual activities before engaging in it with them.

A lot of young women are never interested in sex without any attachment, this is because their feminine features allows them to be emotional and as such are bound to be attached to their intimate partners.

The biological make up of men is such that they cannot be attached to a lady just because they are close to you.

For most men, sex does not mean commitment or even love. They can do it with you this minute and with another lady the next minute with no strings attached.

Sex is great, but sometimes it can be a tool of deceit; so be careful if you must have it before marriage and at best, wait till you are married.

Mind you, opening your legs for a man after a few dates does not necessarily mean he will love or marry you. It’s better to let the excitement linger so the fun would be complete when the right time… to ravish yourselves comes.

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