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The winner takes it all


Finally! Tunji had admitted he was still in love with me! I was excited and worried at the same time.Excited because there was hope for us. Worried because I didn’t understand what he meant by “…and there is nothing I can do about it now”.

“Why do you feel there is nothing you can do about it now”? I asked with my heart beating so fast, it felt like it was about to fly out of my chest and land right at his feet.He sighed and then spoke:

“The minute those words came out of my mouth, I knew you’d make me regret them”.
“I only asked a simple question”. I said.


“Simple? Nothing is simple with you! You are so persistent with your drama that half the time, I am just trying to keep up with you! Let’s focus on why you came here and forget what I said”. Tunji suggested.

“How am I supposed to forget what you just said? I have spent the last couple of months waiting to hear those words”! I exclaimed in frustration.
“Adesewa, I am dangerously close to walking out on you. Choose one, we discuss Chigozie and you leave or we discuss what I said and you leave”. He said.

I knew what he was doing! He was once again trying to see if I would choose us over Chigozie! Why was he obsessed? I was tired of trying to explain to him that I had absolutely no intentions of speaking to Chigozie again once we cleared his name.

“Chigozie’s issue has nothing to do with what you just admitted to me”! I argued.

“Of course it has everything to do with it! If not for him we wouldn’t be here! We would have been celebrating our sixth month anniversary today the 30th, if not for him”! Tunji was now raising his voice and I could tell he was getting very upset again.

“I can’t choose one Tunji. I want us to do right by Chigozie and I don’t want to lose you”. I admitted to him. Hoping he would soften up a little.
“Well then, I believe you leave with neither. You won the first round and I get to win this round and this time darling, the winner takes it all”!

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