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To keep wooing her…


young woman feeding a young man on a bed

I stumbled on a study that claimed to have interviewed women from all over the world and concludes that the following “thoughtful gestures” are what every woman expects from her man…even if she doesn’t voice it.

Read up…
‘’Always try to make me laugh, touch my heart and my soul-before you touch my body.’’

“Laugh with me, not at me.”

“Never make me feel belittled.”

“Communicate with me in advance, in process and in wrap-up. I’m not a mind reader. When I ask you a question about what you’re thinking, don’t treat it as me disrespecting or some kind of disruption. I want us to be a team…start seeing me as a partner.”

“Include me.”

“Inspire and challenge me, not correct or chasten or scold. I’m not a child. Don’t use phrases like, “You shouldn’t do… or “don’t you ever…”

“See me as a valuable asset. See me as a good balance and as someone good to have on the team.’’

“Accept me as I am. I have strengths and limitations. I want you to see my gifts and abilities and think I am awesome!”

“Be patient with me.’’

“Remember these are BOTH our kids. Participate like they belong to BOTH of us.”

“Support me. Value my contribution. Don’t treat it lightly. And help me. When you help me, balance ‘asking’ versus ‘just doing’. Sometimes when you help you are in the way. So ask. Sometimes you need to be intuitive and just come start helping. I know that seems picky but just try and you’ll know by my response if you should be asking or doing.”

“Don’t compare my contribution to yours. Don’t minimize or upset my contribution either. Don’t undo or undermine it. If I make a plan for the house, participate in the plan.”

“Pray for me. Cover me daily. Seek God for my desires. If you don’t know what to pray, ask me. But you’ll always know what to pray if you just remember that I want to ‘be better, have better, and do better.”

“Always remind me that I am still beautiful-even if we have been married for ‘God knows how long’ and ‘baby making is taking its toll on my figure.’’
‘’Don’t make me believe you are cheating on me …it will devastate me and our marriage may never recover from the damage.’’

By the way, here are a few ideas that I came up with to ensure you both have fun…always.
. Plan a fun day-outdoors (e.g. Picnic or at the beach). Take the afternoon off and hit the beach or have a picnic at the park with your better half…a more relaxed way to PLAY LOVE (like feeding each other in the mouth)!

. Play a kids’ game. When was the last time you played Hide and Seek, card or Ludo games with one another? You can even add some romance if you want to, as the prize for the winner, e.g. the winner gets a foot massage.

. Get Physical…errr, you know what I mean here?

Just some kind of Pillow Fight!
Remember how much fun it was jumping on the bed and whacking your brother or sister on the back with a pillow? Of course you’ll want to make sure you don’t break the bed by jumping too hard, or hitting your partner so hard that it becomes painful. Have fun, but be light and gentle about it.
. Go for some comedy shows. Scream your lungs out. Laugh until you cry – release the kid in you!

. Have a Sleep Over. Yes, in your house – in the living room- in front of the TV. Get in your ‘sleep clothes’, make popcorn, bring out the chocolates, cakes/ice cream or whatever snacks you can lay your hands on and have a movie marathon evening with your partner. Watch comedy favourites that you both enjoy….send the kids over to grandmas or aunts’ place.

. Cook together. When was the last time you served her breakfast on bed? When was the last time you joined her in the kitchen? You needn’t even do much while there, if you are like someone I know (who can’t lift a frying pan in the kitchen), you can just stand there-gisting with her or occasionally helping her to cut some vegetables. These are minor but loving gestures that a lot of us take for granted…and it does not reduce your MANLINESS in anyway-it rather strengthens the bond between you and your woman.

. Go for a walk or jog-together…This really can be fun when you both pursue the FITNESS/WEIGHT LOSS goal together-you know. Even if you are usually busy during the week, ensure that you undertake some exercises together on weekends. It can be encouraging!

Of course, I permit you to WINK or make a face at each other…as you do your RUNS!

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