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Too little, too late


After I dropped the bombshell and announced the real reason behind my unannounced visit, Tunji gave me a look of disgust that was followed by a moment of awkward silence. During which the vein in his forehead became visible…my cue that he was really upset. He took his feet off his desk, pushed his chair back dramatically and then jumped to his feet.

“Do you want me to be the best man at your wedding or what is this about’’? He asked with a voice that was so laced with sarcasm, I winced in emotional pain.

“Come on! What wedding? I haven’t seen the guy in forever”! I exclaimed in defense of myself.
Tunji rolled his eyes.

“Tell yourself what you need to hear but I am not buying that. So what can I do for you and your boy toy”? He asked.

“He is not my boy toy, I just….” I was trying to explain my situation to him when he quickly cut me off.

“Look, I am not interested in whatever clandestine affair you have going on. I just want to know how this is any concern of mine”.
I took a deep breath and then spoke.

I explained Chigozie’s situation to him emphasizing that I thought it was unfair for him to lose a once in a lifetime opportunity, simply because my parents had overreacted and had him detained.

Tunji listened with rapt attention and when I was done, he started clapping.
“Wow.” He said. “You sounded so convincing. Where was this side of you when you decided to run around with my staff while you two were supposed to be planning our wedding? Where was this side of you when you ran away from me and made the whole world think I was some sort of scary monster? Where was this so called conscience of yours when you called off our wedding and made me look stupid to the whole world? I did not deserve your fairness then because your conscience was on a break but now that Mr. Chigozie the love of your life is involved, all of a sudden you want to do what is right and what is fair. You have known him for less than a year, me you have known for over a decade yet…..”
He paused for a few seconds and then continued.

“You know what never mind, just tell me what you want me to do. I will do what needs to be done but I don’t ever want to speak to you or see you again. That is my own definition of fair”.

He was speaking with so much venom, I knew my request had reopened old wounds.

“Tunji you know I am sorry for all that happened with us. I have apologized and shamelessly tried to win you back.” I said softly trying to calm him down.

“I have no issues with you Adesewa. You are a grown woman, you made a choice and even though that choice hurt me badly I respect it. I stand by my decision, after we sort this out I do not want to see you or hear from you again.” He retorted.

We both knew that wasn’t possible. Our parents were best friends and my dad was his mentor but I had bruised his ego badly and I knew he was right to lash out at me.

“Tunji you that is not possible. Why are so angry at me? I have begged you, my father has spoken to you on my behalf, and my brothers have as well. I have tried to remind you of the good times we shared, I have made a fool of myself in front of the whole world, yet you are still so mad at me. Why”? I asked.

I couldn’t help the tears that were threatening to fall.
“You want to know why”? He asked

I nodded. I was unable to speak because the tears were now rolling freely down my face.

“I am mad at you because even though you broke us, I waited for you to realize that we were made for each other but you took your time and came back when it was too late and the worst part is no matter how much I fight it…I am still in love with you and there is nothing I can do about it now”

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