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Towards a fulfilling 2020…


As far as leading a fulfilled life is concerned, life experiences have consistently shown that there are no “one-size-fits-all’’ approach to fulfilment.

However, certain factors (in my books) can be readily attributed to a fulfilled life. And those factors are as follows…
. Be comfortable in your own skin: You can’t be genuinely aligned to your core being if you are not OK in your own skin. Sometimes, an offshoot of this manifests in perpetually wishing to be in the shoes of others.

Misery has no better magnet than not “feeling you.’’ Please stop seeking validation from others and rather work on your self-worth. It is the only way to be your authentic self in a world that is full of mask wearers.


. Appreciate what you have: It is said that gratitude turns what we have into ENOUGH. At the core of every contented life is the appreciation of what is.
Ingratitude is a vicious circle that finally consumes whoever is in its clutches. When nothing is ever enough…the soul is perpetually tormented.

. Give the grace you had expect of others:
I mean, treat others exactly the same way you expect or wish to be treated. It is called fairness! Some of the graces we owe to others are kindness, understanding, forgiveness, generousity, humility, loyalty, love, tolerance, patience, etc.
. Live simply: Life in recent times has consistently taught us the need to shed unnecessary loads as we journey through it.
There are material and mental overloads. Whatever is not actively contributing to your DAILY greater good is a load and you need to shed it. Make efforts to clear out your living space.
Whatever needs to be given out, give. The ones that need to be thrown away…do so. There is a certain peace that comes with spring cleaning your space.

It reflects in your mindset. It’s very therapeutic and comes highly recommended from me. A simplified lifestyle even enables you to consume and buy less.You learn to use well what you have instead of perpetually seeking a replacement…not when you know it will be occupying a precious space unnecessarily, anyway.


. Cultivate your wellness and Spirituality:
Exercise. Eat well. Meditate. Keep humanity at the heart of all your actions and intentions…there’s no greater path to God than this. Live in the moment.
. Travel: I know the times are hard but a travel doesn’t have to cost an arm. It could be a week’s escape to your village or a weekend get-away at a friend’s place. The idea is to change environment once in a while. The experience will always do your emotions a lot of good.

Those who have the means for a larger travel will readily tell you that it is another wall-less classroom. Nothing rejuvenates the mind like a “fresh perspective.’’
. Chase your passion: It is the pursuit of passion that actually makes life worth “being looked forward to.” It is always advised that you create a life that you can’t wait to wake up to. A passion-less life produces a mindset that is stuck in a rut.
. Embrace Positivity…in every aspect of your life. Learn from your mistakes. Approach repentance with humility. Stop doing things to “show’’ anybody…you really don’t need that stress. Stop shaming and judging others. Criticise others less and focus on getting your own life on track.

Wish no ill upon anybody…even if you are not fond of them. If in a relationship, stay genuine. Do not abuse the emotions of others. Pray for others as much as you pray for yourself and yours.This is the year to unlearn SELFISHINESS in all its ramifications. If you feel you deserve happiness, others deserve it too. And it is not bad if it comes from you.


. Cherish your loved ones: One need not over-emphasise this. Let me just go a tad further to remind us that whoever is good to you is also family. Blood may make people related but GOODNESS qualifies anybody as family.

Don’t be too busy to be there for your loved ones, especially parents, spouse and children. When the chips are down, they are the ones you come home to in all your naked truth. I tell people NEVER to outgrow their parents. Don’t be a big man to them. Simply be their child…it gives them a relevance to live for.

. Be teachable: Develop a taste for knowledge. Find no shame in NOT KNOWING…it’s the easiest way to learn. Keep an open mind.
. Give stress a wide berth: Worry less.
Don’t over-think issues…it’s not every thought that you should trust. Some thoughts are coming from the place of trauma, paranoia, resentment, envy, worthlessness, ego, fear, etc. You can’t always be in control. So, learn to accept the things you cannot change and then, let go.


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