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Utter disrespect


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Certain dispositions in marital settings are just borderline DISRESPECT…as far as yours sincerely is concerned.

God forbid I find myself advising anybody to start tolerating certain misdemeanours that I won’t even dream of taking a pinch of.

Please read me right…

I am all for being patient and diligently working on grey areas in a relationship/marriage but you see, the very day I witness the scenario that I have just been told about… if the ‘affected woman’ does not have transportation fare to go back to her folks-I will borrow and give her and if she has nowhere to go… she will come home with me!

How does one justify this…a woman came back home from church and found her husband in bed (their matrimonial bed o!) with a young girl?

The man did not show remorse. What he did next?

He threw her things out and asked her to leave his house because she has nothing to offer him anymore. He even went as far as asking her WHAT IS THERE TO ENJOY IN YOUR BODY AGAIN?

This is what a supposedly sane man hurled at the mother of his three kids.

Gist has it that she knelt down, begging and asked him where he thinks she could start her life from again. He was said to have told her to start from her father’s house and go from there.

People have been advising her to keep begging and PRAYING-because (according to them) juju is at work.

Well, my advice was for her to go back to her people or put up with some relatives/friends and go from there.

I will never advise her to go begging, in fact, God knows it’s beyond me to give anybody such silly advice.

I mean, you don’t strip another of his/her dignity simply because you want to prove a point.

We must learn not to go too far in how we treat others-no matter your reasons.

The least you can do for anybody is to help preserve what’s left of their dignity… through the way you treat them. There are people to whom their ‘dignity’ is everything.

And an ill-conceived treatment of their person may be all they need to snap out of who they used to be…most likely to the horror or loss of the oppressor.

A man that can descend this low with the mother of his kids and wife of so many years…what makes anybody think that advising the abused woman to stay behind is the best?

The man has clearly exhibited some signs of mental instability and it is most dangerous to hang further around such a person, especially one whom he could disrespect in the manner that he did

Thanks to our ‘hypocrisy infested’ society…the fear of being tagged a WAS MARRIED is why most woman would rather endure some INHUMAN treatment than move on when a marriage isn’t working.

…as if marriage or the absence of it is what defines humanity!

I am advising anybody today not to waste a minute longer in a relationship where UTTER DISRESPECT has become the order of the day.

You have nothing to hang unto anymore, if the basic fabric (respect!) of a relationship or marriage is lacking.

You are a guy, supposedly engaged to a lady who has no problems rubbing her dalliances with other (probably richer) dudes in your face-and you are still hanging in there?

Even if she is seeing someone else, respect demands that she at least keeps that fact from you, let alone rubbing it in.

I have heard of a man that collects incessant slaps from the wife-even in the presence of friends.

Gist had it that, all that is required for this to happen is for her to ‘lose it’ with him and WHAAAM-he is dashed a SLAP… is this one also a marriage???

And then the issue of ladies that allow themselves to be strung alongside many others by a guy. Majority allow themselves to remain in that setting in the hope of getting a ring.

Respect yourself and make delete yourself from his ‘numbers’. When he decides what he wants, he can always come back- if you are still available and interested in him-that is.

What’s that nonsense of allowing yourself to be found with a man, whose house has practically turned into a battle zone of sorts, where every ‘shape and size’ comes to display ownership?

Remove yourself from that scene and place back your tag of self-respect!

Any treatment of your person by another, that makes you feel less human, is an utter disrespect and shouldn’t be tolerated.

Any setting that strips you of dignity, pride and RESPECT is seeking to de-humanise you.

And refusing to be treated in such manner is not arrogance-it is called SELF RESPECT!

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