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Water your grass, save yourself

By Nkem Onwudiwe
05 October 2019   |   3:46 am

success. Photo: PIXABAY

Do you know what they say about greener grasses, lawns and “more beautiful” gardens? In case you forgot, let me remind you – Robert Fulghum said: “The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. The grass is greenest where it is watered.”

Wherever you are, whatever honest work you’re doing… Go all in because you never know! Stop doubting yourself. Stop playing small. Stop waiting for an explanation for why you are being led to do something out of your comfort zone.

Not all paths show you what lies ahead until you step on it. The more steps you take, the more it reveals itself and the only way it would reveal itself, is if you take action… if you move forward. Not looking to the left or to the right but staying focused on the road ahead!

Remember, you came into this world for a purpose and with a unique gift. Your gift is bar-coded to YOU! Not me, not the person next to you, not your mentor. YOU. Your fingerprint is the only fingerprint that can activate your path. But you’d never know if you don’t press forward. You’d never know if you listen to everyone else, but yourself. You’d never know if you focus on anyone else’s path, but yours. You’d never know if you keep doubting yourself and giving excuses. It may take you longer than others to get your life but don’t worry… when you do, it will be glorious!

To close, I’ll quote Ezra Taft Benson who says, “When you are tempted to look elsewhere for greener pastures, just remember someone else is probably looking at yours. And if another pasture looks greener, perhaps it is getting better care and attention. The grass is always greener . . . where it is watered.”

So believe in yourself and in the greatness that is YOU. Stop waiting on anyone to save you. Water your grass, Save yourself.

Nkem Onwudiwe is the founder of Her Network – A Global Inspirational and Lifestyle Platform created to inspire and encourage all women to stand in their greatness and set real-life examples by living their truth.