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Web of weird love…


Isn’t it disheartening that some of us can easily disbelieve, disown or even excommunicate our family (siblings, parents)-that we have known all our lives for a lover-whom we have just met?

This is the fate of a man that everyone around believes his kids are the luckiest in the world…by virtue of having him as a father, because he gave them the best of whatever he could afford.The man and his wife have been divorced for well over 18 years now but he single-handedly brought up his children. Everyone who knew the family back then knew that he lived for his children.

Much as the children maintained a level of relationship with their mum and she visits them from time to time, it is their dad that they were often identified with. They are three girls…the eldest girl brought a man she wanted to marry home some time back. Their father made it clear that he does not like the boy (he claimed that something about the boy doesn’t go down well with him).His daughter swore that she must marry the man or else…


A few months later, the guy was gunned down in front of the university he attended-he had gone to fetch his certificate for a job placement. The lady reacted by leaving and excommunicating her family. She never believed their father had no hand in her man’s death.

Can you imagine the feeling (of being accused of murder…by your own daughter) that the man has had to grapple with?
I mean, being LABELLED a murderer by his own daughter (as if her SUSPECTING him is not bad enough) and losing same daughter to God knows who as well?
It’s been over five years now and nobody knows where she is.I know she will come back someday, probably when she has dabbled into the hands of a QUEER CHARACTER…that is when EXPERIENCE of the prodigal son, who suddenly remembers that he has a loving family that can treat him better, will happen to her.

A late friend’s elder sister had a similar issue with their mum (a widow) who went through a lot to send that lady (the eldest of her three children) to the University.
Only for the lady to meet a comfortable man that she eventually married and turned back to label her mum a witch …thanks to ‘vision people’.All through the years she was having babies and enjoying her husband’s money, she never remembered her siblings and their widowed mum that was barely feeding in order to send them to school. Many years down the line, she became afflicted with an ailment that seemed to defy medical interventions. It was one pastor that asked her to go make peace with her mother.

She did as the Pastor advised-only that she did not live long to savour her new-found closeness with her mum…because she became too ill afterwards and it was the same mother (that she called names in the past) that took the burdens of nursing her until she breathed her last.

When her ailment got too much for the husband to cope with, he brought her home and dumped her for her family. I am not saying that he never visited all the while she was with her people but as close as I was to the family, I never witnessed his visit for one day. That lady died in her mother’s arms…the same woman that she labeled a witch for many years!


For some reason, our FAMILY is the first victim when some of us find ourselves in the web of WEIRD LOVE…yet it is the same family that stays back to clean up the mess, after everyone (supposed LOVE INTERESTS inclusive) must have deserted us.I also think it’s weird for anybody to agree to go into marriage with one who neither talks nor relates with his/her family…you should not just ask questions, you should also carry out your own findings.

People have been known to turn their backs on family just to answer the MRS title.People call their parents witches/wizards, too, because a husband or wife said so.I mean, it is just mind numbing what desperation (especially on the part of the female folks) can turn some people into.Love sometimes messes with our senses…I know.

But you see the love that leaves disunity and hurts in its wake? That is weird love. And the kind of love that nobody should embrace…it is most unhealthy.I know that every love faces its own share of trials…rejection, opposition, bitterness, hardship etc. But I am most certain that a healthy love is the love that eventually makes everything alright.Love by its nature is light. It should seek to unite and not disintegrate. It should bring peace, healing and families together!

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