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What does your wheel look like

By Yetunde Williams
21 May 2016   |   2:12 am
Maybe you dig out the journal with your New Year resolutions in December of every year and wonder what happened to all the plans you had written down.


What does you wheel look like? You might wonder what that means if you get asked that question. Do you ever think much about the wheel on a car? Do you get into the car and wonder if the wheels are aligned correctly or wonder if the pressure is right? You generally just get into a car, whether it is yours, a Keke Maruwa or an uber and expect to get to your destination. The only time you might have a conversation about the wheels is if there is a problem. If there is something wrong with the wheel of your mode of transportation you cannot move normally and the ride will either be slow, bumpy or there would be no movement at all.

To answer how your wheel looks will need you to intentionally ask yourself some questions. Are things going as you planned? Do you have a plan? Would you know if things and your life was rolling along as it should or not. What is your reality versus what you would want. As a woman your role is multi-dimensional and you wear many hats – as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, boss, colleague, prayer warrior, mentor and so many other balancing acts.

As a mum you might be a SAHM – Stay at home mom or a working mum or somewhere in between. Perhaps you are dealing with the guilt of not being at every school play or when you are able to attend every play you miss the power suits and the Boardroom. Perhaps you are so busy caring for the children and the family that you do not have the energy to get dressed and go out for drinks or dinner with your spouse. Or perhaps you are a Business woman and have to deal with the difficulty getting an office you can afford, struggling with getting the right kind of staff while dealing with all the perceived and imposed limitations of a woman in business. Or maybe it is the post baby tummy and stubborn extra weight you cannot seem to shake off.

Maybe you dig out the journal with your New Year resolutions in December of every year and wonder what happened to all the plans you had written down. You flip through and you realize that almost 12 months later as you measure how well you have done….that is the only time you pause to take stock. On the other hand, perhaps you feel a disconnect from the January-I-Got-This-you from the person now looking at her end of year checklist and wondering where time went. You might be in good shape and be like yay! Because most of the things you want to achieve are on the right track.

Are you looking back at yourself years after a first class degree and wonder what happened to your fire to take on the world? Perhaps you are a victim of the world of social media where everyone’s perfect pictures make you wonder how come you cannot seem to do it all seemingly effortlessly. Do you hardly find the time for yourself and seem to just go from activity to activity and months pass without achieving all that you set out.

So now if I was to ask again what your wheel looks like you might have a word or series of words to describe it.

Visualize It to Achieve it

One of the things I remember picking up from Mo Abudu on her show is “If you can think it you can do it”

The truth is that you have to take the time to visualize and write down what you would like to achieve across all the areas of your life, that matter to you. Without doing this you will not be able to accurately measure how you are doing. You can only measure what you write down and make plain, you can only achieve those goals that you have visualized with some plans around achieving them.

Nothing that matters to you can be ignored, every area contributes to making your wheel – your life, run as smoothly as you desire. No area should be off limit, your physical and health needs, your emotional and spiritual needs, family goals, relationships, financial health and so much more. Do you wish that you were able to run a marathon? You need to start with baby steps of eating healthier, building stamina, determine the right type of training program etc.

One of the most common things mums struggle with is time for themselves. What would time for yourself look like? Is it 10 minutes a day sitting quietly in meditation or is it 15 minutes being able to browse through pictures on social media in silence. Does balance for you mean that as a working mum you would like to be able to do school runs once a week or twice a month? Does it mean asking for half work days once a week? On the financial side, does it mean that you would like to invest in real estate for the future and you wonder how to do it? Set a date when you would like to commence and commit to putting a certain amount aside every month so that you can invest in land.

It is not coincidence that the Business world and all top strategist will tell you to achieve your Business goals you must have a business plan, must have a vision and mission statement and have short term and long term projections. Somehow though most people think this does not apply to their lives. It is commonly said that only 20% of people actually achieve the goals which they set out.
Habakuk 2:2 says “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it”. This is the truth, to achieve all the goals that you have you must have a vision, make it plain and clear (with achievable goals) and then write it down, review it and do it.

By the way no goal that matters to you is too small and no goal is too big, you just have to want it then plan how to achieve it.

Steps To Balance Your Wheel

Visualize what you want in all areas – as a mum, wife, for your career, in your finances
Write it down or use pictures to capture what you have visualized and would like to achieve.
Determine the steps in your control that you can take to get closer to the goals you have identified.
Note the limitations you must overcome and your reality so that you can have a plan to overcome the limitations. Find an accountability partner or a coach to help you achieve your goals.

Set a timeframe for when you would like to achieve your goals.
Cut out the pity party – if you don’t like something in your life, guess what you have all the power available within you to change it. Do not give your power away to anyone or anything else. Life is really all about your attitude.

This process can and should be used for every area, as a parent it is very effective if you visualize the type of adult you want to raise. If you imagine Tami in her 20’s as an independent, confident and creative adult, then you must start from now. You start early by setting the foundation of those building blocks by encouraging and conditioning her to be all those things – independent, confident and creative.

Life is a Journey enjoy it, your life is yours to live and to create into what you want. Be empowered enough to put a foot forward.

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