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Why you should always be consistent


“When you show up always at your table and your competence, capacity and capability is open, nobody can ignore you”. Ibukun Awosika.

Women have been described as one of the most unserious set of people in the work place. Everyday, it seems new factors are tagged as excuses why women should not be elevated to higher positions.

Some business owners feel women won’t always be consistent due to obvious factors ranging from the cliché excuses of dysmenorrhea, to family constrain, body changes and other things females use as a justification for not being consistent and these have maintained permanent positions in the hearts of employees and probably explains the problem of gender pay gap, men making up the majority of higher paid jobs and some women being laid off from duties at a certain time in their lives.

Of course we can’t cheat nature but we can manage nature to our goodwill. A lot of women, I inclusive use gender related problems as reasons for not always delivering at the right time.

You can easily be ignored even though you are the best at what you do just because you are not consistent at it. You will be taken more serious and considered most eligible when you stop finding gender related issues as excuses not to show up when needed.

The strongest weapon of anybody, who is determined to push boundaries, is simply to be consistent. Know how your body functions and plan your schedule to suite. Sometimes your body might fail but it won’t always fail. Whatever excuses you might have to justify your negligence, don’t be in a hurry to tag it a woman problem. Never hesitate to be consistent.

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