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IWD: Keystone Bank partners Nenis to train women in auto mechanics

By Bertram Nwannekanma
06 April 2019   |   4:05 am
In line with this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) theme, Keystone Bank Limited, through its Employees Voluntary Scheme...

The trainees

In line with this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) theme, Keystone Bank Limited, through its Employees Voluntary Scheme (EVS) is partnering Nenis Autocare in training women to boost the gender balancing in auto-mechanics.

Auto engineering is seen as an exclusive preserve of the menfolk with little or few women venturing into the field, but the IWD 2019 theme focused on gender balancing, a call-to-action for driving gender balance across the world provided an avenue to change the narrative.

The programme, a brainchild of Mrs. Oduwa Agboneni, an engineer and Founder, Nenis Foundation, is aimed at addressing the imbalance and boost the economic fortune of girls as well as create improved living conditions for their families and communities.

Speaking at a presentation of items to seal the partnership deal in Lagos, Chief Information Officer, Keystone Bank, Mr. Edafe Omojughre said the bank, through the partnership is nurturing gender balance by encouraging women entrepreneurship.

He stressed that the bank as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility is focusing on women’s empowerment by tackling the challenges of financing because, all over the world, women are more committed and trustworthy in terms of managing finance.

According to him, because women are not the type that can easily squander money given to them, the bank recognized the need to partner with women to boost their economic capabilities with very relaxed collateral.

For a member Advisory Board of the Foundation and Managing Director Cooper House Hospitality, Dr. Omopeju Afanu, the aim of the project was to bring up gender equality and create a balance in auto mechanics.

According to her, any woman you see in the garage is always the best because women pay attention to details and if you engage a women to maintaining your car, you are sure that the least details that a man will normally overlook.

She stressed that Keystone bank are partnering the foundation through CSR to support the Girls Auto Squad (GAS), a brain-child of the Founder of Neni Autocare, to empower young girls in the same jobs dominated by men.

“ In this first formal section, a lot of girls have began to understand that there are no jobs that is limited to any gender”, she added.

On his part, Former president Nigeria Society of Mechanical engineers, (NIMECH), Tunde Zedomi, said President Muhammadu Buhari has recently signed a legal instrument that will make the girls’ jobs to be recoginised.

With the legal instrument in place, the sky, he said, is their limit and the next is to have the psychology that there is no male-dominated profession.

“Once they finish their three months training then, they are qualified to be registered by COREN in their level”, he added.

Speaking further, Mrs. Agboneni, said the foundation started with 60 girls in the first three months, while about 500 girls will train in basic preventive maintenance.

After the training, she said they should be able to change the transmission and do basic preventive maintenance.

“With the curriculum, the idea is that they should start earning money during the training, after the first three month, they can still need further trainings. “We just began a journey, the essence is to reduce the skill dearth in auto mechanic and the objective is to train about 500 girls starting with 60 girls in the first three months. “We believe that they will be able to make a bold statement within the industry”, she noted.