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You are whole all by yourself


You are whole all by yourself. Please do not wait for anyone to complete you. Do not wait for a significant other, a job, an experience, a move, and an event to make you whole. Everything in life should be an extension of who you are. A significant other is there to accentuate you, not complete you. A job is there to fulfill your professional goals, friends are there to share the journey of life with you; marriage and having children is another stage of life. With or without these things, you are still wonderfully made and complete just as you are. Although we can always better ourselves but the notion that things outside of ourselves completes us is totally false.

There are so many young women who go searching for things outside themselves thinking that themselves if they had a significant other, more money, a better job, a better car, a new business and more, that they would feel better about themselves. The problem with that mind-set is that you set out into the world believing that you are deficient in some way. You believe that things, people, and places will make a complete you. This mindset can easily develop insecurities, anxiety and constant dissatisfaction with one’s life. It is perfectly okay to desire and want particular things in life. What is not okay is when those desires are more important than your self-worth.

When you realise that you are complete and whole all by yourself, you end up bringing meaning to the very things you desire. The way you build self-confidence is by reassuring yourself that you are good enough. No amount of self-help books or empowerment sessions can force you to see what you choose to cast away within yourself. Everything starts with the self, first.

The path to empowering yourself and others is understanding and cultivating your own uniqueness. It’s about seeing the positive in yourself before waiting for someone else to see it. It’s about understanding that as an individual you are powerful, strong and most importantly whole. This is the path to true and lasting empowerment. Always remember that everything you do is an extension of who you are. It accentuates what is within.

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