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Zainab Alatise: I use my platform to educate people on the importance of herbs

By Esther Ijewere
01 January 2022   |   2:43 am
Herbs have many practical uses and because of this, they are highly favoured by many. Herbs are usually small plants used for culinary and medicinal purposes although there are some herbs

“I’d rather have a cupboard full of herbs, than a closet full of heels”, says a popular Herb specialist.

Zainab Alatise

Herbs have many practical uses and because of this, they are highly favored by many. Herbs are usually small plants used for culinary and medicinal purposes although there are some herbs in use that come from trees and shrubs.

The term herb or herbaceous plant refers only to the short-lived, non-woody plants even if they may bear seeds. Herbs are valued principally because of their aroma, flavour and medicinal property. Herbs have been used by different cultures around the world for thousands of years. The pandemic also caused many to turn to herbs for healing.

Ultimately, herbs and spices are an important part of our diet and our health. Alatise Zainab Oluwatosin is a herbal practitioner and healer. She is the founder and lead formulator of Ashabioge Herbal, a leading brand in the health and wellness industry in Nigeria.

The Ijebu Ode native obtained her national diploma from the prestigious Federal School of Statistics, Ibadan campus. After a personal health crisis in 2019, which led her to go back to her love for African herbs and roots, Zainab has been committed to helping more people enjoy their life to the fullest using her tested and trusted 100 per cent pure African herbs.

With her long family history of time tested and proven herbal formulations, which has been handed down for generations. Zainab is also currently enrolled in a world-class institute for herbal formulations, in order to ensure that her brand meets with international best practices.

Ashabioge Herbal as a fast-growing brand in the health and Sexual wellness industry has catered to people from all over the world, including but not limited to Dubai, the United Kingdom, Botswana, Canada, Chicago, Australia, Ghana, South Africa, and across the length and breadth of Nigeria with tangible results and accolades.

The United Nations advocate for SDGs 3 – Good health and wellbeing, and 17- Partnership for the goals, shares her inspiring journey with Esther Ijewere in this exclusive interview.

Childhood Influence
I can say that my childhood prepared me for what I’m doing now. I grew up in a large family, and I remember that when I was about seven years old, I fell sick for a long time, alongside two of my siblings. We tried different options until my grandmother intervened and prepared something for us that was made from 100 per cent herbs. Since then, I have recommended that herb to different people, and it has worked for them every time. That single incident made my family always resort to herbs, which has been a huge blessing to us.

Inspiration behind Ashabioge Herbal
I was inspired to start Ashabioge Herbal from the need to help others who were going through health challenges and were not seeing the results that they wanted. My desire is to help as many people as possible, improve their health, prevent needless health challenges and live a full and happy life with their loved ones.

Privilege of the herbal formulation passed down to me
I feel very humbled to have access to such a wealth of health information that is helping people from all walks of life live their life to the fullest in good health using 100 per cent herbs from the African soil.

My products
Since 2018 when I officially started making herbal formulations, we have developed 10 products. All our products are created for one specific health challenge or the other. Few examples of our best seller formulations are; Sabi men, for quick ejaculation, weak Erection and low Libido; Jedi for detoxification of excess sugar and toxins; Herbal flusher, which serves as general antibiotics for both male and female and hypertension tea, formulated to cater for high blood pressure. These products have sold in over six countries with hundreds of tangible results and testimonials from our esteemed customers. This has made our customers free brand ambassadors who always recommend our products to their family and friends.

Institute of herbal formulations
In 2019, I actively started looking out for international training to help us realise our vision and the institute of Herbal Academy was recommended to me by a friend. The aim of the institute is to help herbal formulators do better in the formulation.

Challenges of my work
Logistics in sending herbs to some countries from Nigeria is so difficult sometimes I have to first send to a particular country then move it from there to the final destination which costs more. Also getting fresh herbs is so difficult too sometimes we have to use dried ones instead

Other projects and activities
Currently working on having some of my herbs in a capsule, tea bag and hopefully our Jedi will be in a can like a drink soon. Many people want to take herbs but they hate the bitter taste of some herbs.

What I enjoy most about my job
Creating a new recipe; I love it when I create a new recipe for any health issues.

The women who Inspire me and why
My mum and my big sister, Damilola Ewa. My mum has been so supportive even though at first she said wonders why I choose to do what my father did while abandoning my educational certificate. My mum will say, ‘People will fear you, this kind of business is not for a young woman like you, but when she noticed I have not been going to hospital like I used to nor fall sick regularly like before, she has been the one referring customers. She taught me herbs her grandma thought her and her prayers have been working in my life and business.

My sister, Damilola, we met on Facebook she is a blessing despite being in the same business with me, she kept showing me I have never seen a more beautiful soul than she and she is doing wonderfully well in the herbal industry too.

To young women who want to go into the herbal business
They should get their formulation right and not just sell because everyone is selling herbs. There is a trend I noticed recently; people sell because they see others selling which is very wrong. Whatever business model you want to venture into, the first thing is to learn and research.

Changing the misconception and narrative about herbs
I use my platform to educate my audience on the importance and uses of herbs I do advise them to also seek professional guidance not just use the Do It Yourself (DIY) they see on the Internet.

What I wish to change In the Herbal sector
Make herbs accepted globally; many people still believe herbs are not safe which is not true.

Being a Woman of Rubies
I always lookout for the girl child and educate the ones around on sex education; I choose this topic because of what I have seen while growing up. A lot of the girls we grew up together under 17 got pregnant as many of them did not even understand what sex is and the implications of having sex at a very tender age.