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I was packed up and ready to go, I had barely 48 hours to get on the plane and put the last one year behind me. By all standards, it should have been the worst year of my life but on the contrary it had been my most defining year yet. I had gone on a self-discovery journey that had revealed to me why I had always felt something was missing in my life. I had what everyone described as “the good life” yet I had always felt disadvantaged, like my silver spoon was both a blessing and a curse…now I knew why.

For the longest time, I had been that girl that was stuck between the world that was thrust upon her by virtue of her birth and the world that she wanted to create for herself. The last one year had shown me that I would have to choose because balancing both worlds was leading me down a spiral path of uncertainty, self-depravation and loneliness.


Tosin was the first to reach out as I knew she would. She was the feistiest of the trio, yet she was the softest on the inside. She was the first to try to end a fight and so when she sent a message asking if I needed help packing, I informed her that she was free to come and raid my wardrobe under the guise of helping me pack…just like she had done when I moved away six years before. She arrived in record time, followed shortly after by Onyeka who brought a bottle of champagne….she could not drink.

“So you are going to miss the birth of your goddaughter?” Onyeka asked as she helped Tosin with the zipper of yet another dress she wanted to “obtain” from me.

“I’m sorry darling, if I go back to my old job I won’t be eligible for time off by the time she arrives. If I go to fashion school, even worse because I won’t be able to miss classes.” I explained.

“Ok o”. Onyeka said with a visible pout. Then it occurred to me that she had referred to her baby as my goddaughter. “Wait did you just refer to her as my goddaughter”? I asked.

“Well I decided to honour the agreement we made almost fifteen years ago”. Onyeka said with a smile. “So who would her godfather be”? Tosin asked as she inspected her reflection in the mirror.

“I am allowing her father decide that”. Onyeka announced. I knew it was a huge sacrifice for her, and I was grateful she had compromised to make me happy.
“Onyeka, I promise I won’t let you down! I will be the best godmother in the history of godmothers.” I pledged.

“Well missing her birth is a very good start I must say”! Tosin retorted. I didn’t miss the sarcasm in her voice. I was about to respond to her when I heard a knock on my door.

“Come in”. I announced before taking a sip of my champagne. The door swung open and standing in my doorway was Tunji.

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