Sunday, 14th August 2022
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3 days ago
Troops in Cameroon's Northwest Region have "summarily killed" at least 10 people in a crackdown against anglophone separatists, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Thursday.
27 Jul
Seven countries, including Rwanda, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius and Tanzania have been selected among countries to start trading under the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)
14 Jul
African champions, Super Falcons of Nigeria, believe they will celebrate another FIFA Women’s World Cup ticket today after a quarterfinal clash with their rival, Lionesses of Cameroon...
27 Jun
More than 30 villagers, including women and children, have been killed in an ethnic-related attack in western Cameroon, local sources said on Monday. The massacre unfolded over the weekend at Bakinjaw near the Nigerian border, said Reverend Fonki Samuel Forba, the spokesman of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon. His account was confirmed by an NGO…
27 Jun
Anglophone separatists in Cameroon have killed at least seven people and carried out scores of kidnappings since January, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Monday, in a further condemnation of alleged abuses by the rebels. "Armed separatist groups are kidnapping, terrorizing, and killing civilians across the English-speaking regions with no apparent fear of being held…
25 Jun
Nigerians displaced in the North-East, who are still in Cameroon would be coming home soon as the Presidential Committee on the Repatriation, Returns and Resettlement of Displaced Persons in the North-East, has ordered the immediate resumption of their repatriation.
23 Jun
The London-based Economist magazine is an unabashed establishment Anglo-American mouthpiece, cheerleading the invasion of, and “regime change” in, Iraq in 2003.
20 Jun
The African Insurance Organisation (AIO) has renewed its headquarters agreement with the Republic of Cameroon, which it signed with the West-Central African country 38 years ago.
31 May
Twenty-four civilians have been killed and around 60 wounded in an attack by separatist gunmen in a troubled anglophone region of Cameroon, the local mayor said on Tuesday.
31 May
Alleged attack in Bashu community in Boki Council of Cross River State by Ambazonian militants from Cameroun has reportedly left many motorcyclists dead.
22 May
Africa’s foremost fashion and creative industry promotion company, Legendary Gold Limited, in partnership with the African Union and Africa Business Council introduces Agogo Africa
7 May
Algeria's desperate bid to have their World Cup play-off with Cameroon replayed has been rejected by the competition organisers FIFA, the Algerian Football Federation said Saturday.


32 mins ago
Harry Kane snatched a 96th minute equaliser to salvage a 2-2 draw for Tottenham from a feisty London derby against Chelsea on Sunday.
1 hour ago
However, as betrayal is in man’s nature, at the hands of man, nature has increasingly been at the receiving end of activities that were nature not so resilient, it would have died many years ago
1 hour ago
Most women discover breast lumps by themselves, but you don’t need to wait for a lump to develop before you learn how to self-examine your breast at home. Most lumps are benign, and detecting them early would help you better manage them.  Self-examination of the breast enables you to monitor your breast health and detect…
3 hours ago
Nottingham Forest celebrated their first home game in the Premier League for 23 years by beating West Ham 1-0 on Sunday.
3 hours ago
What were we taught in school about the market? It is a place where buying and selling and the exchange of goods and services takes place. The market is traditionally seen as the hub for communication, where a myriad of opportunities arise. However, this is only when the market is seen on the surface level.…