Wednesday, 19th January 2022
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15 Aug
The book of Ruth makes for an interesting study on God’s providence and purpose in life. The book starts with an account of what is real to life, the tragedy that befell Naomi
27 Jun 2021
The prayer of Jabez was so powerful in nature that God in His mercies, granted his requests. It was not a selfish prayer or prayer for the death of his enemies.
6 Jun 2021
The life of Jabez was rebranded because of his ability to recognise and reject his present condition. To be more honourable is to receive honour from friends, community and family members
15 Feb 2020
Your habits determine your destiny. So, don’t give up your power to shape them. Everybody has habits. Habits are certain behaviours you repeat every day of your life.
29 Dec 2019
May I take this opportunity to say a big Compliment of the season to everyone out there! JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON. This statement is not just a hype, but it also brings the fact to bear that Jesus is truly the reason for this celebration. When men turned their back on God…
10 Nov 2019
Text: 1 Sam. 17:38-50 In life, there are battles to be fought. It’s only when you confront and conquer the giant that you can make progress in life. Anytime you want to achieve something great in life, the devil will put a Goliath before you so that you will not cross over. But if you…
28 Jul 2019
In my article in this column last Sunday, I wrote about how I was blindly in love. I also wrote about how the girl sacked me the same day I informed her of the disastrous outcome of an examination I wrote while at school. As stated, it was not a sexual relationship at all. But I was blindly in love.
25 Jul 2019
In the next few weeks I will be writing about “Transformational Life Lessons”, I believe you can’t do without in your Life, IF you want to live a peaceful, harmonious, happy, satisfying and fulfilling life.
26 May 2019
Today, we shall look at more manifestations of the Laban spirit. The spirit of Laban is the spirit that uses the glory of men to shine. Portiphar experienced God’s blessings in all he did because of Joseph’s presence in his household, yet he refused to set him free. Every power using your glory to shine…
10 Feb 2019
Calling is one indispensable exercise we often take for granted. The world cannot do without calls. We make calls and we receive calls. Some calls are important while others are less important. There are calls we cannot afford to ignore. Each time we miss an important call, we usually call back to get the actual…
10 Feb 2019
Dad is destiny is the first chapter of a book, which I have just written. The book is titled, BUT WHERE IS MY DADDY? DAD IS DESTINY is the title of an article written in February 27, 1995 edition of one of the world’s most famous newspapers known as THE US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT.…
5 Jan 2019
This is actually an “early life experience” that a lady shared with me sometime back.


12 mins ago
The annual Diamond Special Recognition Awards Worldwide, founded by the CEO of Bustline Media International, Yetunde Oduwole, recently held its 11th edition at the Monarch Event Centre, in Lagos, with FA licensed football agent, Ezinne Dora Kayode, crowned the Outstanding Female Football Agent of the Year. The award project goes around the world to applaud…
13 mins ago
Hon. Kevin Olu says he horned his business drive from an early age and on the strong influence of his father, who was a business strategist. "I got my inspiration from my father. He built a lot of boats, vessels, and parts. That is why I went into that lane and that is where I…
13 mins ago
Seyi Shay might be walking down the aisle soon after announcing her engagement.  Speaking in an interview with Beat FM today, the Big Girl singer confirmed that she said YES! The interviewer had asked her about the diamond ring she had on her finger and how she got it.  Showing off the ring, she responded, "Some guy gave…
16 mins ago
Famous music stars, D’Banj and Simi, have been revealed as judges for the Nigerian Idols as the countdown to the show begins and will be premiered in February. D’Banj and Simi will be replacing Seyi Shay and DJ Sose who were judges in season six of the talent show and will be joining Obi Asika…
18 mins ago
British annual inflation accelerated to a near 30-year high in December, official data showed Wednesday, stoking fears over a cost of living squeeze as wages fail to keep pace. Economies worldwide are battling decades-high inflation that is forcing central banks to lift interest rates, including the Bank of England which last month raised its key…