Monday, 6th December 2021
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Pastor Lazarus Muoka

20 Nov 2016
As the year draws near to its end, people who could not meet their desired expectation for the year become disappointed and disillusioned.
30 Oct 2016
God is the Author, Designer and Giver of peace. There is no perfect peace except the Lord gives it. But He gives this blessing of peace only to those that maintain good relationship with Him.
23 Oct 2016
Whatever Christ has done should stand as a legacy for us to follow. If He suffered, we also are expected to suffer like Him, if we are His followers.
9 Oct 2016
Beloved, God’s word is not only the truth but the sword of the Spirit, which is powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, so powerful that it enters even to the deepest and most inward and secret parts of the heart, fatally wounding....
18 Sep 2016
Brethren, let this truth be established in your subconscious to guide your thoughts and actions. The earth is not man’s neither is man equals to God. Man is but a tenant on earth, and a leaseholder he is prone to ejectment at any time, even without notice.
11 Sep 2016
God has a purpose for everything He created or allowed to exist, whether in the physical or spiritual world. And one incontrovertible fact is that nothing can stop Him from achieving His purpose or will.
21 Aug 2016
In every labour, there is a reward. There is a reward for gathering the souls that Christ laboured and died for. When a believer wins a soul, it elicits overwhelming joy in heaven, thus there is a reward awaiting him in heaven.
31 Jul 2016
It is surprising that people of the world have ignored the impending signs that will befall the world and sinners, when the antichrist arrives. They have refused to give heed to the loud noise about rapture and the fate of unbelievers.
24 Jul 2016
Beloved, one issue that has been taunting our faith in the present generation is the dilemma of what Christianity should be. While some are attuned to Christianity of comfort, of modernisation and wellbeing ...
17 Jul 2016
Beloved, it is the Lord’s desire to teach us how to be blessed today, and to warn us of the destruction of sinners. From the above passage, the destiny of the righteous and the wicked are described.
3 Jul 2016
Those who do not accomplish their days in expectation of the coming of the Son of Man should take cognisance of the fact that if He does not come now, the probability that they may die suddenly ...
12 Jun 2016
In the Bible days, God Almighty made a choice among all the people He created and set them apart to execute the important purposes of His providence.


7 mins ago
Sterling Bank Plc, Courteville Business Solution Plc, Nigeria Breweries Plc and SC Johnson and Son Nigeria Limited have been named best places to work in maximising human potential, inspiring people practice...
8 mins ago
InfraCredit, a specialised infrastructure credit guarantee institution, has announced its guarantee of GPC SPV N20 billion 10-year series one senior guaranteed fixed rate infrastructure..
9 mins ago
The Ekiti State All Progressives Congress (APC) has swept all the 35 available chairmanship seats and 176 out of the 177 councillorship seats in Saturday’s local council elections held in the state.
20 mins ago
Eddie Hearn has revealed that Anthony Joshua wants a minimum of £40 million to allow Tyson Fury to fight Oleksandr Usyk in an undisputed bout for all the heavyweight boxing belts next year, reports
20 mins ago
The Guardian gathered that anti-cult volunteer corps in Abavo, led by one Miracle Okoh, apprehended the suspects on Saturday and handed them to Abavo Police Division for necessary actions.