Thursday, 29th September 2022
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7 Jul 2019
My wife, Carol grew up in a more romantic environment. Her parents (Bishop Michael and Rev. Rachel Marioghae, now with the Lord) could kiss and hug each other in public, even at old age. Their pet name when translated into English meant “friend.” We still have in our custody a very romantic photograph they took…
16 Feb 2019
Meanwhile he was folding the letter. He tucked it in a brown envelope and handed it to Yomi, who took it and left the room immediately. Yomi was a slender young man, easy-going and understanding by nature. He was an undergraduate at the University of Calabar, who came home just for a short stay with…
11 Feb 2019
Valentine's day is but some mere days away and if you are still stuck as to what romantic way you can spend it with your loved one, Guardian Life has got you covered! We have curated a list of romantic destination spots within Africa that you should consider visiting to have a memorable Valentine's day…
10 Feb 2019
For many of us, getting an insight into the love stories of others is always a good feeling. Hence why the two primary goals for this interview with IK Osakioduwa and his lovely wife, Olohije Osakioduwa is to get readers drawn into their love story and learn something new about them as a couple. Sitting…
23 Dec 2018
Single Nigerians, who desire to build companionship or are in dire need of an opportunity to meet their soulmates and better halves, can now link up on Looking For Love Naija. The show, which is the first of its kind, highly packed, reality TV show filled with suspense, romance, comedy, and lots of drama is…
22 Apr 2018
People who know my wife (Carol) and I very well usually say that I am more romantic than her. But what they do not know is that I am not only more romantic than her, but also far more romantic than her. In our marriage, therefore, I determine the romantic growth. Someone may ask: can…
21 Aug 2016
We live in a world where our love for music grows by the day. Rarely do we come across people who say they don’t really care about music. Instead, we find people who are obsessed about the latest songs and are willing to defend their preferred genre of songs anytime. Books like Daniel Levitin's This Is Your…
1 Dec 2015
Expensive perfumes, sexy lingerie, lovely hairstyles, glittering fixed nails, smooth and soft skin, sophisticated make-up, sexy matched underwear and classic outfits are the packages women put on to attract a man. Most men are attracted to the physical appearance before they extend it to her personality. Every lady's target is to end up with Mr…


59 mins ago
IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva met with Malawi's President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera on Thursday and committed to provide support to the country, as it faces economic challenges and "unsustainable" public debt.
1 hour ago
US President Joe Biden has struggled in domestic polls since last year but his foreign policy is earning higher marks in much of Europe as he leads efforts against Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
1 hour ago
Queen Elizabeth II died of "old age" at 3:10 pm (1410 GMT) on September 8, according to her death certificate released on Thursday, or nearly three-and-a-half hours before the news was announced to the world.
1 hour ago
Three top Nigerian presidential candidates signed a "peace" deal meant to ease tensions during campaigning for the 2023 election, though the ruling party flag-bearer was absent from the ceremony.
1 hour ago
The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Command in Katsina, said it collected a revenue of N124.9 million from August to date.