Friday, 15th October 2021
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Yetty Williams

9 Oct
LagosMums foundation has announced the eighth edition of her yearly Parenting Conference, which holds virtually today, under the theme Building Strong Families.
29 May
Emotional Intelligence is important for parents when it comes to raising their children to become well-rounded individuals. It takes in the characteristics of the child, the family dynamics, parenting style and so much more.
3 Apr
Nowadays, we see the onset of puberty between the ages of 9 and 16. Before that, it used to be from maybe age 15, to even age 20. But as a result of industrialisation and commercialisation, we are seeing puberty from as young as seven years old.
29 Aug 2020
Typically new mothers learn about parenting from their own mothers and mothers in law. This is how it worked… until the internet and social media arrived on the scene. Welcome innovation to the space of parenting...
27 Jun 2020
It was all about fathers this past week as we celebrated father’s day around the world. On the Lagosmums platform, we decided to spotlight fathers and hear from them as they shared the critical part they play when it comes to raising children.
22 Feb 2020
What is the future of jobs all about and why does it seem confusing for parents? One reason is that parents have to navigate raising their children for a future that seems to change faster than ever before.
9 Nov 2019
As parents, it is your responsibility to raise children who have emotional intelligence. In this article, you will find out that it is not as complex as it sounds. In simple terms, Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. It means you are…
15 Jun 2019
As an entrepreneur myself, I have learnt so much from my journey of raising kid entrepreneurs. Truly, parents influence their children based on what they know or what they are willing to learn.
4 May 2019
As parents or caregivers, we want our children to grow strong and healthy. We also want them to have healthy confidence and self-esteem. Sometimes, despite our best intentions, we may do things that actually hurt our children’s confidence and self-esteem instead of helping it. Here are five ways parents can kill children’s confidence: . Comparing…
20 Oct 2018
There is no exact way to parent and the fact that your parents parented you in a certain way does not mean you will achieve the same result.
6 Oct 2018
We all know the popular proverb that says that, “it takes a village to raise a child.” This refers to the fact that it takes more than just the parents to raise a child. Raising a child is a shared responsibility and the role of many people. It was probably easier back in the days of no fences and communal living.
29 Sep 2018
We all desire that children should attend the best schools where all the right values are imparted and he/she grows up to be a well-rounded individual. When your child is school age, you are faced with the task of choosing a crèche, pre-school, nursery, primary or secondary school; this is all before you get to…


1 hour ago
The Presidential Steering Committee (PSC) on COVID-19 has issued a revised international travel protocol into Nigeria, stating that all travelers arriving Nigeria, either vaccinated or unvaccinated...
1 hour ago
Gov. Mai Mala Buni of Yobe has approved a minor cabinet reshuffle and announced the creation of a new Ministry of Wealth Creation, Empowerment and Employment Generation.
3 hours ago
A skeleton discovered in the ancient Roman city of Herculaneum, destroyed along with nearby Pompeii by Mount Vesuvius' eruption nearly 2,000 years ago, could offer fresh insights into the disaster
3 hours ago
The present reality of politics in Nigeria indubitably portrays a system that is under siege by the actions, inactions and reactions of the ageing political drivers of this country in policymaking and implementation. The current crop of leaders during the economy of this country is a paradigmatic shift from what was obtainable in the post-colonial…
3 hours ago
Thomas Tuchel has warned Chelsea not to expect an easy ride during a run of fixtures that could boost their Premier League title challenge.