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Cardinal George Pell said Thursday that he would take leave from the Vatican to return to Australia to fight sexual assault charges after being given strong backing from Pope Francis, who has not asked him to resign from his senior Church post.
1 hour ago  World
Chile's indestructible team spirit and unyielding attitude have laid the foundations for a hugely successful run that will see them contest a third straight international final at the Confederations Cup.
1 hour ago  Sport
Africa features significantly in the latest Global Threat Impact Index released for May 2017, by Check Point Software Technologies Limited, of which out of the top 10 countries, five are African.
9 hours ago  Technology
His furrowed brow was unmistakable. His passionate message was unequivocal. His body language showed no sign of genuflection. He had not come to the Presidential Villa cap in hand.
9 hours ago  Education
The impact of Nigerians and their activities on the environment became a subject of controversy yesterday as a global study ranked the country high. A new study from MoneySuperMarket on how people impact their environment, from different countries around the world highlights individual contribution to the world’s climate.....
9 hours ago  Nigeria