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20 Feb 2016
A bucket list refers to a set of goals one plans to achieve before one’s death. A financial bucket list specifically deals with monetary goals and dreams. Everyone who intends to have a financially stable career should have a bucket list; it, in many ways makes the journey seamless. For one, it spurs commitment from…
20 Feb 2016
Clothing Today’s Multi-dimensional Mums Omolade Oshinubi is the managing partner and CEO of Mollyplus Maternity. She is also the Co-founder and CEO at Olive Maternity, an exclusively online maternity store for working moms. She is an aspiring fashion retailer and consultant with a rare passion for clothing and styling today’s working mums. She runs Molly…
20 Feb 2016
Prologue Perseverance. Determination. Willpower (PDW). To a person without struggle or strife these words are merely scribbles on a blank piece of paper or some abstract notion or a catchy mantra on the walls of a gym. However, when life suddenly takes an unexpected, drastic turn and plunges you into an abyss filled with mind-boggling…
20 Feb 2016
As a lady, it’s vital to take vaginal health serious sooner rather than later, especially when it comes to understanding what is healthy and what is not down there. There is so much at stake if you have a vaginal infection and leave it untreated. This infection(s) could result to wrecking your amazing sex life…
20 Feb 2016
Sometimes love is hard to find. For some, they fall in and out of love like its air they are breathing. Some have had painful relationships and for some, it’s been good for them. I’ve had my own fair share of good and bad relationships too and it hasn’t stopped me from falling in love…
20 Feb 2016
Beautiful skin is essential, but you need to be sure the products you use on your skin are safe. The key to healthy beauty care is to understand what’s really underneath the lid. While that may seem like a lot of work, you just have to know what to keep your eyes open for. The…
20 Feb 2016
Today, Peace Hyde is a globally recognized media personality and showbiz impresario; deeply involved in social impact activities and creating sustainable structures for children’s education in Africa. But for this beautiful, intelligent, and grounded woman, the road to success hasn’t always been smooth and easy; it has come with its own peculiar challenges of striving…
19 Feb 2016
She Leads Africa will bring the She Hive, its innovative professional bootcamp, to Abuja in March 17-20. The bootcamp is designed to help professionals and entrepreneurs develop their career and business skills, join a community of leaders, and network with mentors and investors. Confirmed speakers include Hon. Minister. Kemi Adeosun, Minister of Finance; Zouera Youssofou…
16 Feb 2016
I would be grateful if you could please publish the below content and video on your esteemed platform. A few years ago I’d watch on in envy as my friends talked about doing jobs or working in sectors they loved. I wondered why I seemed not to get the same sort of excitement or fulfillment…
15 Feb 2016
ANGELA It is early, far too early in the morning to be plotting and scheming for the young girl whose plight has continued to haunt me for the time I have been in this town, yet it is all I have been doing for the past one hour. Naden is sleeping at the other side…
13 Feb 2016
Luxury fashion brand Kinabuti made a remarkable impact at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival where it presented its latest haute couture, Cosa Nostra and Rome collections. The event marked the debut of the Kinabuti brand in the US.
13 Feb 2016
THE universal thing women say about men is that they cheat. Am I right? Thing is we all cheat at some point but in this newsletter, we’ll be talking about men, cheating. So have you ever dated a man who cheated on you? Has your heart ever been broken when you found out that the man who says he loves you has been secretly talking with other women?


3 mins ago
The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on Tuesday released guidelines for its “Production and Productivity” initiative, through the “100 projects for EVERY 100 days” project.
9 mins ago
President Joe Biden was to warn Vladimir Putin in a video call Tuesday against invading Ukraine, threatening painful sanctions and more US military support for Eastern Europe if the Russian leader triggers a military conflict.
16 mins ago
President Muhammadu Buhari has felicitated Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed on his 70th birthday, joining family and friends to celebrate with the devoted public servant.
20 mins ago
The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) has commenced an investigation into the utilisation of the N950 million Coronavirus (COVID-19) Intervention Fund by the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital.
25 mins ago
Tottenham have been hit by a coronavirus outbreak ahead of their vital Europa Conference League match against Rennes, reports said on Tuesday.