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Kiki, 10-year-old TV presenter


Kiki Gusto, 10-year-old TV Presenter

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Kiki Gusto, I am ten years old and currently in JSS 1.

What do you do?

I am media personality and I am also into art hence I paint and design clothing as well as fancy fun foot wares; but I am more into media as a TV presenter for Filmhouse Kids Zone.


How did you come up with this?

My aunty introduced me to presentations and I used to see presenters on TV (I fell in love with being seen on screen). Also, my mum and aunty used to say I talk a lot, so I felt I could even make a career out of it.

How long have you been into this?

Officially 2 years and some months

Why is TV presentation so important to you?

It brings out my talent in speaking and it makes me talk for good reasons and add value to others

Most people, not only kids, say they feel nervous when they are on set. Can you talk about that? And how do you overcome this tension as a kid?

My mum trained me to be very confident, I try to imagine there is no camera in front of me. I don’t have stage fright. When I’m on set, it is always like my normal self because I am doing what I love to do and do everyday. Apart from the cameras, it is my normal life act.

Can you briefly tell us what it takes to be a young TV Presenter?

You need to love the job, have courage, be confident and always work hard to be the best you could be.

Seeing that it is your passion to be a presenter, would you consider doing a related course when you get to the university or you are switching career lane?

I want to be a medical doctor and hope to have a medical show that talks about health in the future.

Any bad moment you experienced while going through this journey?

Yes. When I was sick and needed to present, it was not easy memorizing my script, more so with running nose interrupting my presentation (laughs)

How were you able to learn public presentation etiquette at this early stage of your life?

Though I am talented, my aunty and mum help direct me in diverse ways which include how to sit, talk, walk, and other gestures and I also practise a lot. I’m only gifted by God however, I hopeto do some short courses in the future.

Have you ever worked with any celebrity?

Yes, I have worked with Dumebi Nzeribe, a child actor. I hope to work with more celebrities soon.

How many shows have you presented?

About five.

Do you see anything stopping you from progressing on this path?

No I don’t, I have all the encouragements I need and will need

What do you know now that you didn’t know before choosing this career?

Since choosing this career, I’ve learnt script memorizing

Are there any kid presenters you’ve worked with?

Yes, two.

As a young TV presenter, what are your challenges in achieving your goals?

It is mainly combining school and my business. I am more focused on school so I only have time during holidays.

How do your parents receive this?

They’ve been super-supportive, committed and proud of me

How do you advertise?

I currently advertise on my mum and aunty’s instagram page but I’m planning to have my own Instagram page where I will be doing short presentations on various topics.

Who are the famous TV presenters you’re looking up to?

Oprah Winfrey. Because I also want to do a lot of good things for people like she does and be a media proprietor (like Oprah) someday. I also like IK Osagioduwa because of how he always makes his presentations fun and interesting.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see myself presenting in big shows like ‘The Voice’ and having my own educating and fun show for peers.

Can you say this has affected your confidence level or it has nothing to do with your confidence?

It has greatly affected it in a positive way. Now I can work with any establishment with courage.

What would be your advice to other kids who are entrepreneur or who want to be entrepreneurs like you?

Work hard, never give up and dream big.

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