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Addiction: why you seem not to get over your sexual fantasies


Sex addiction has been linked with biochemical abnormality and other brain related disorder but people barely realize that one of the major causes of sex addiction is a prolonged sexual fantasy.

Yes we know that your body feels funny sometimes and you persistently can’t stop thinking of making out with someone, no doubt we all feel same. This is because sexual fantasy is a major part of human sexuality. But when it has gone overboard and you can’t control it anymore, you have become addicted to your sex thoughts.

You begin to discover that without fantasizing, you are not your usual self, you can’t stop seeing yourself in different positions with the opposite sex. This drains your productive strength and takes a whole lot of your thinking time. You practically waste time doing nothing and feel guilty afterwards.


It makes you begin to use your sex pleasure responses as a survival mechanism in bad situations, for example fantasizing about sex or watching pornography in your time of trouble just to alleviate yourself rather than the appropriate way of dealing with difficulties, which is finding lasting solutions. You make your fantasies your dependable. This gradually increases your chances of becoming a sex addict.

Fantasizing may seem like an innocent exposure since you are not really doing the act but it actually puts you at risk of falling into temptations and being unfaithful.

When you fantasize, you begin to enhance your longing for sexual pleasures rather than quenching them. Everyone wants to have sex but if you are not ready for it, you might as well minimize your fantasies because how we manage our thoughts when they come into our minds directly affect how we feel and what we do.

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