Tuesday, 6th June 2023
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At limitless conference, women share strategies to maximise potential

By Silver Nwokoro
06 May 2023   |   2:53 am
Women have been called on to be limitless by pursuing their life dreams courageously through listening and learning from others who have successfully accomplished great feats.

Creative lead, Oak and Teak, Morenike Molehin (left); Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson-Okojie; MD, Life card company, Grace Ofure; CEO U-connect, Omon Odike; Ex-beauty queen, Stephanie Kalu-Uche; CEO Reb360 limited, Tope Mark-Odigie and CEO, Exquisite magazine, Tewa Onasanya.

Women have been called on to be limitless by pursuing their life dreams courageously through listening and learning from others who have successfully accomplished great feats.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a real estate firm, Lifecard International Investment Limited, Mrs. Grace Ofure Ibhakhomu, who made the call during the Limitless Woman Conference 2023, also explained that informed career decisions could make women become limitless.

She further explained that being limitless means to go beyond all measures and boundaries, adding that being limitless is a process, which could be to learn, desire or imbibe to enable someone to become an icon of grace that people could look up to.

Ofure said the need to impact women so they can actually be limitless and conquer all aspects of life and career barriers informed her decision to come up with the conference, which is still in its maiden edition. She said the conference was geared towards enabling the everyday woman to reach her highest goal and maximise her fullest potential.

According to her, the conference brought together women who are smart, confident and driven from all walks of life to listen and learn from high-achieving women who have been able to crack the code of achieving greatness in a world that wants to hold women back.

Speaking at the conference, CEO of Exquisite Magazine Service Ltd, Tewa Onasanya, lamented that women were too doubtful of themselves, advising them not to be scared of anything but rather speak up.

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson-Okojie, who spoke during the panel session at the conference, urged women to focus on positive things in life and also make good use of social media to learn more, get connections and break boundaries.

“Your social media can inspire or break you; women should put time into what makes them money. They should set boundaries if they want to succeed; focus and pick something from their role model or anyone they follow. There are so many things you can do,” she said.

On her part, the Director of NHL and creative director of Oak & Teak Interiors, Morenike Molehin, said: “A woman owes no one any permission to break barriers, to go forth. As long as she decides in her mind that this is what she wants to do, she goes for it.

“If somebody finds the cure for cancer, nobody is going to remember whether it’s a female or a male. It’s a human being that has done this and then she can’t limit herself and say because I’m a woman, I don’t want to find the cure for cancer.”She added that women are great, noting that when they have tasks on their hands, they do them.

“Give a woman something, she multiplies it. So, I would say that we don’t give ourselves so much credit that we deserve,” Molehin said.

Also, Chief Executive Officer of Reb360 Limited, Mrs. Tope Mark-Odigie, encouraged women who intend to thrive in the real estate sector to acquire the knowledge.

“She should go out, study and get mentors. She should be willing to listen because you don’t know everything. When you find yourself in confusing circumstances, don’t just run because women tend to run from challenges,” she said.

Mark-Odigie further condemned the frequent building collapse in the country, urging the government across all levels to take proactive steps to reduce cases of building collapse in the country.

She also cautioned Nigerians against cutting corners, advising them to deploy quality materials for building projects. She said: “The government needs to strengthen the institution. Construction is not the job of anybody but professionals and not just any professional. A quantity surveyor should not be a land surveyor; a land surveyor should not be the architect for buildings.

“We don’t have any reason to have building collapse in Nigeria, if not for the fact that corruption has made people cut corners, which has led to loss of lives.”