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Attitudes that boost attraction


Have you experienced the feeling of being the cynosure of all eyes in a gathering of great personalities? You must have enjoyed the astonishing feelings and magnetism, swinging to and fro, while hungry eyes capture every detail about you — from your attires to head-do and the way you carry yourself. You flaunt your cultured personality, lifting your shoulders high and walking like a royalty. Imagine such feelings?

This is the same as when you posses the right and enduring attitude that attract people to yourself. Whether in a platonic or romantic relationship or even workplace, your attitude determines the reactions you get from people around you.

Here are some elements that could boost healthy relationships and attractions.

Outward appearance
In trying to make lasting impacts in people’s mind, especially on first encounters, your outward appearance gives the major impression. Dress smart and neat. Your outfit has a direct effect on your confidence. You do not need to have all the millions to dress well. Knowing how to combine colours, complement them with the right accessories and shoes will put some sparkle in your look.


Keep your confidence level high
Keep your heads up and with a smile. On daily bases, practice looking up and straight, while walking around. Always remember that wearing a smile is one of the saleable virtues in human relations. You can never go wrong with a smiling face!

Listen and think before you say anything. Thinking before uttering a word enhances your contribution to an issue and also hypes your personality. While talking to people, don’t put your face down; try to hold the gaze of the other person. This makes some people uncomfortable and even taken for rudeness in some cultures; but the truth is, you have to pay attention to their eyes and body movements, while picking every word.

Build the virtue of silence and talk when necessary, especially in a group. Talking too much, especially in things that do not concern you, gives you away as a chatterbox. This could make you repulsive to many. This does not mean you should always be mute, rather it means to know how to fill the silence or when to talk.

Be accessible
Open-mindedness will always draw people to you. Being pushy will make people around to see you as desperate and thus makes it difficult for people to get along with you very well. Nobody likes people who love their own words and always imposing their views or opinions on others. It’s excruciating!

Team spirit
Playing as a team member requires cooperation, accountability, responsibility and, sometimes, being able to put away your views for the betterment of the group. It means to be ready to synergize. This is a great virtue that would always make you a sought-after person.

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