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Beyond the virtual world


Attendees wear Oculus Rift virtual reality at CES 2017. Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg

Well, I have received a passionate appeal from someone -to implore the rest of us to KEEP IT REAL on the social media especially when you know that things are looking serious between you and the other party-whom you have been “communicating” with.

This sister said that all the pictures that a man has on facebook are a serious far cry from the YOKOZUNA (the massive Japanese wrestlers) that she beheld on the day of their REAL LIFE MEET and that she almost choked on her surprises. She said it would not have been a problem-if he made any effort to send her his most recent pictures-rather than those 1980 pictures of him that he posted on Face book.

So, on this note, I am sending out a passionate appeal to those searching for a life partner on the social media, that you should have some ‘serious things’ going on with others-to keep things real. Don’t forget to change the picture that’s over five years old- that you have on your social media handles…when things begin to look serious-with that someone!

Also people who live in places like my village, yet their profile info claims they are somewhere in America or Europe…one wonders why anybody would have a need for such BROAD DAY LIES-if not for the sole intention of misleading others, as if one has to be in those places to find love.The craze for the perfect look is spreading like wild fire amongst modern women. It is so bad that most ladies can’t even dare post pictures of themselves as captured by their devices-unless those have been given every imaginable digital “touch up” (they call it ‘filters’). And the result of such efforts is the “celebrity look” that floods most social media handles.

Thank God for concealers, highlighters, Primers and Foundations. Kata kata (utter confusion) would have happened in BEAUTY LAND-in this era of “yellow skin”, all over.I have never ceased to wander what someone with a badly bleached skin was thinking-seeing her skin getting that damaged and still thinks that a change to another brand of bleaching cream is the remedy?

That damaged skin should be a clear warning for such a person to STOP. The human skin is so wonderful that an early HALT to such practices will enable the skin repair itself. The one that amuses me more are the set of people that claim their profession is MIXING CREAM…cream mixers with even worse (over bleached/burnt) skin, than their patients!

Whatever happens to people being the living adverts of what they sell? A cream mixer that can’t even rescue her own skin and you are swallowing her claims hook, line and sinker?What other evidence do you need to take to your heels besides the BADLY BLEACHED skin (with unsightly veins) you are staring at? The folly of some people is indeed limitless!!!

The one I find almost unforgivable is a man with badly bleached skin or a man, whose bleaching efforts are glaring-the mere fact that a man has such time is UNPARDONABLE -to me.One of such guys was trying to chat me up at an eatery recently…the MASSIVE SCOWL on my face must have made him take to his heels but not without dropping this line “ah ah, sister are we fighting?’’If you are reading this and you have a recommendation for someone with a damaged (over-bleached) skin…please, let’s read from you.

This happened in Port Harcourt…They had been communicating on the social media. Both of them live in the same town.When she visited, they agreed that she spent the night. When morning came and it was time to ‘settle’ her, he offered her 5K and the lady brought down the roof.According to her, the ‘agreement’ was that she would be N20K richer in the morning, after keeping him company for the night. But when the time came for him to keep his word, he claimed that what he would have given her was part of what he used to foot the bills of the food and drinks that he entertained her with.

As usual, the people that gathered to watch the NAIJA MAGIC descended heavily on the girl, calling her names and instigating the man to take her to the police station-for the police to teach her a lesson. Not once did anybody call the one that patronizes ladies of easy virtue names. This is a reflection of how biased our society is towards the female folk.

Agreed that the one that sells her body for money is everything EVIL…how about the one that patronized her ilk? Should he be exempted from this immorality blame? It does take two to tango, you know? The SELLER (supply) would have long closed shop if there were no buyers (demand)…ELEMENTARY ECONOMICS!!!

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