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Plot twist


DIARYI knew there was no point trying to deny what was going on in my head. Tunji had only pretended to be Chigozie at the front desk because he knew something and he wanted to catch me in a web spun so tightly I won’t be able to talk my way out of it, and that was exactly what had happened. There was not much I could say.

He didn’t say a word to me, he simply walked into the hotel room and started looking around almost as though he was trying to confirm if I was alone.
“Tunji I am here alone.” I said to him.

He laughed. It was obviously a forced laughter which was loaded with meaning.
“I hear you, but I’d like to confirm that myself. You see there is really not much you can do to surprise me anymore after my recent discoveries, ”he said.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I asked. I needed to find out just how much he thought he knew about my strange behaviour.“Look Adesewa, I am not here to argue with you or to confirm what you have been up to in your spare time. I am here to find a way to call off this engagement without embarrassing myself and my family,” he said in a no nonsense tone.

“What do you mean, call off the engagement”? I asked in shock. It was like someone had just punched me right in the stomach, because all of a sudden I couldn’t breathe.“Isn’t that what you want? To end this so you can be with Chigozie your lover boy who by the way is now out of a job,” Tunji said. I looked at him, he looked very hurt.

How was I supposed to explain myself to him without making him hate me even more than he obviously already did?
“You fired Chigozie”? I asked

“Just look at yourself Adesewa. How did you get to this point? I have come all the way from Lagos to ask you how to end our engagement and the first thing out of your mouth is about me firing your little boy toy’,’ he said. I kept making my situation worse. Perhaps I should have just kept quiet and let him do all the talking.


“Look young lady. You can run off to the sunset with your jobless boy toy for all I care but we have to agree on a story that doesn’t make me or my parents a laughing stock.”

He was obviously getting very angry.
“Is that why you are here? Are you here because you love me or because you need to protect your image”? I asked. I needed to know why exactly he had come all the way. I needed his response to either validate my decision to reconsider marrying him or to make me admit that I had made the biggest mistake of my life and it may have just cost me a good man.

“Adesewa, I cannot force you to love me or marry me. I am the one who proposed to you, I am the one who flew all the way here even after your childish disappearance and the shocking discovery of your relationship with my employee. It is not my love for you being questioned here, it is your love for me and yourself that needs to be validated,”he said.

“I love you Tunji,” I said.
“But not enough to marry me? Not enough to stay away from my employees, not enough to come and talk to me about your doubts instead of getting on a plane and running away”? He was shouting at the top of his voice and I couldn’t do anything but just stay there and watch him shred me into a million pieces.
“Nothing happened with Chigozie,”I said.

“Do you even care to know how I found out about you two? You probably don’t, but I will tell you anyway so you can know how exactly you have ridiculed yourself. A month ago, one of my female employees came to me and told me she had suspicions that Chigozie was having an inappropriate relationship with my fiancée. She claimed that he had left work a couple of times to meet up with you and she had even overheard him on the phone once telling someone how he was a better man than me because you kept running to him for some excitement that I obviously couldn’t provide. Of course there was no way I was going to believe her. Not only did I dismiss the possibility, I had her transferred to a different department because I felt she was trying to set Chigozie up and he was one of my best employees, so I thought it was right that I protect his best interest. Anyway, a few days later someone else told me he had seen both of you having dinner at a cosy little lounge and you looked quite comfortable with him.


At this point, I knew there was more to the story so I summoned Chigozie and asked him what exactly was going on. He said you were bored and he felt obligated to spend time with you because I had asked him to be at your beck and call. I told him he had been asked to assist you with the wedding running around and not with your personal life. He promised to cut things off with you and the next day, he showed me evidence that he had done so by showing me messages you had both exchanged. I decided not to embarrass you by discussing it with you, I was just going to let things slide. But when you pulled this stunt today, I realized he may have made you believe his feelings for you were more than they really were because here you are ruining our engagement over your flimsy fling with him and he is going ahead with his as though nothing happened.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. So Chigozie knew Tunji had found out I had been spending time with him and he said nothing???

“He is engaged?” I asked in shock.
“Oh didn’t you know?” Tunji asked with a delighted look on his face.
It was a complicated twist but who really was the villain in the plot? Tunji? Chigozie? Or yours truly?

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Plot twist
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