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Girls just want to have funds: How to make extra cash on the side




Sometimes last month, I checked up Asos to get some skirts on discount; I like discounts please, it helps me buy more stuff for my wardrobe. So I picked a couple of skirts and this really nice blue toms flat to rock my jeans, then I decided to check the exchange rate from pounds to Naira. Suddenly my heart skipped a beat, I mean, jeez! How’s a young lady supposed to cope? No, how’s a young lady supposed to turn heads without denting the paycheque that is even yet to come?
This is important, as a lady, your salary can only go so far and it’s imperative you need a little something on the side. This isn’t the common “use what you have to get what you want” thingy, far from it! You should never exchange your body for money, I disapprove of it thoroughly. That said, money won’t fly out of the ATM machine into your purse or fall like manna from heaven; you have to be deliberate about it and plan to make extra funds by the side.

The recent wave of entrepreneurship has been very exciting; ladies are now making quantum leaps to stardom, now we have girls that are divas and rock stars in their fields. Awesome! Though not all of us have the heart to take that risk; I mean, the 9 to 5 is safe enough, but as a girl you need extra streams of income to keep you liquid and shiny. Are there things you can do besides your job and make clean legit money by the side? Absolutely! Let’s explore some of these ideas.

• Fashion sales: In my opinion this idea is often much underrated. Sometimes I buy nice shoes and bags through my friends abroad and resell here, its good business and if you’re the persuasive type, it makes it even better. If you have gained the trust of your co-workers and neighbours, it would be easier to show them the stock and sell. A lot of these websites online do free shipping here and you mark up the price. Pretty easy, one of my colleague does it, but for bags exclusively and I can tell you she buys the latest gadgets from the profits. No, I’m not jealous.

• Blogging: Are you a kind of lady that loves to write and things? Then this one’s for you. Do you know you can write for blogs or own your own blog and make money off it? No kidding! There are free services like WordPress and BlogSpot that provide free blogging services. If you write wonderful pieces or poems, you can make money by the side by just showing off your talent consistently and attracting visitors to the website. Linda Ikeji bought a Range Rover from this, let that sink in.

• Make up: At some time last year, I was pretty sure only a few of the ladies I know weren’t into makeup; it’s quite funny. Everyone on my BBM became “this and that makeover”, I thought to myself “why are these people all doing the same thing” until I got informed. They make a lot of cheddars from it! Sounds ridiculous right? But think about how many weddings happen on weekends and how many events require makeup artists, it’s unbelievable. If you’re good with make up, you should be making money with it.

• Mini catering: I have a friend who now lives in Korea; this girl can cook! We used to visit her more than normal because of her culinary prowess; so amazing. Later she started making money from it; she started with cooking for people on their birthdays and started making cakes too. Then pastries became regular too. She made a lot of money from it and before she even got a job, she was making enough to live fine and look great every time. I’m sure she still cooks for profit in Korea, I really miss her; she really made the best out of her cooking talent. Whatever your talent or gift is, you should monetise it right now.

• Jewellery and Accessory sales: I buy most of my jewellery, perfumes and other accessories from someone on my BBM. She’s very reliable and she does delivery, she’s now a good friend. Can you spot another opportunity there? Hair, perfumes, watches and other accessories are what she sells and her DP is her bill board! Buying and selling is big business; it’s not a secret, but people rarely explore it.

• Supply business: Erm… why do you have lots of contacts if they won’t benefit you with their connection? Seriously, am I sounding dramatic? Of course I am! There are lots of supply businesses going on around you, you need to keep your eyes peeled and ears well-grounded so you get wind of information and act on them on time to clinch businesses. There are lots of businesses around you, just get into the middle and get cheddars for the value you create.

Remember, whatever you do to get extra funds, keep it legitimate.

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