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How to apply marketing principles to socia media


Marketing products and services have evolved over the past few years but marketing principles still remain the same. Below are some points that will assist you when marketing your products on social media.

Your target audience are more concerned about the benefits of what you are marketing rather than the features (what the product looks like). The question that a buyer is always thinking about is “what’s in it for me?’’ If they are a business owner they may ask, how can it help increase my sales? How can it help my bottom line? Will it help gain better results?
So it’s very important to showcase your benefits. A key benefit of attending our High Impact Social Media workshops for example, is that delegates are able to learn practical ways to grow their business using Social Media. Because our workshops are engaging and we encourage openness, delegates are able to receive hundreds of ideas and implement immediately. What benefits are you showcasing to your audience?

It’s so important in marketing, not to be presumptuous but to find ways to listen to your target market. There are so many groups on different social media platforms where you can join conversations and achieve this.  You can listen to their frustrations and pains and serve them better. We belong to a few social media groups that are engaging and interactive and address the current challenges of marketing on social media, which is very useful for assisting our clients. Some social media platforms like Facebook also have features such as polls where you can ask your audience relatable questions.

If you want to get effective results then your marketing must be consistent, especially if you want to be memorable. Great brands are consistent.  Your social media audience are always looking for brands they can follow consistently and who offer value. Remember that if you are not marketing consistently, you can be sure that your competitors are.

In order to stand out in a crowded market, your target audience need to know what’s unique about your product or service. This needs to be communicated in your marketing. We pride ourselves in offering superior workshops that have rich content. By the end of our workshops, our participants are always surprised at how much value they receive and always come back for other modules. Only the best will do. What unique selling point are you communicating to your audience?

It’s shocking how so many entrepreneurs don’t test their social media marketing efforts and then they wonder why they are not getting great results. Please TEST! TEST! TEST! The beauty of social media marketing is that the results are factual, especially if you use sponsored ads or group insights. Don’t take those results lightly.  If it’s proving successful take note and see what’s working and continue to improve on it.  And if its not working, make adjustments and keep testing.

The ways products and services are marketed are always changing. It’s changing even more rapidly on social media, so we do need to be flexible and open to changes. It’s important to read up-to-date news on all your social media platforms and make changes where applicable. Don’t be left behind because it can affect your marketing results.

Rita Okoye is the CEO of Majestically Rare Events & Marketing and runs a successfully monthly workshop called High Impact Business Growth. She is also the founder of an NGO called Raising Confident Girls.
She can be reached on 0806 0004489 or

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