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How Generous Are You In Your Relationship?
Do you allow your partner to take the credit for something even when you both know it was you who did it? Maybe deep down you disagree that your partner should take the credit, after all it was you who made the calls, exchanged emails etc and put things in place. Do you speak up and let people know it was you and not him or her? Does it truly matter that you allow your partner to have the credit for it?

Little Acts of Kindness
You are probably better off keeping quiet and allowing your partner to have the glory, that way you avoid any silly disagreement by doing so. Such an action is a form of personal generosity between you and your partner and a trait that is shared within a good and secure relationship. It is all about giving to your relationship and also giving a little bit of yourself adds up in your partners mind as little acts of kindness. It shows your partner your willingness to exhibit your respect, affection and forgive them their faults and failings. When there is a lack of such generosity between you and your partner it could open the door for conflict between you both. Generosity between you and your partner brings about satisfaction within the relationship.

Remember To Appreciate Your Partner
Are you, or, are you not a generous partner? Do you now take your partner for granted? Think back to the beginning of your relationship with your partner. Don’t be surprised if you notice you were more than likely over generous in the beginning. You expressed and showed your romantic, loving and caring side without hesitation.


You would do little things and probably buy your partner little gifts showing your affection for him or her. You were spontaneous with your actions and your affection toward your partner. So, how about now? How often are you now doing such things? Probably not often enough, or worse yet and rather worryingly, you are probably not at all. It is sad that as time goes by, a tendency to take our partner for granted develops. The things that we used to do that were exciting, special, new, and thrilled us, quickly become ordinary, boring and routine giving cause to the possibility of happiness and intimacy slipping away from the relationship. When there is generosity in your relationship, it not only enhances it, you also feel appreciated by your partner, and when you feel appreciated and thought of by your partner, you feel good with yourself. So, do not forget and always remember to appreciate your partner… Be generous.

Ways to Be More Generous Toward Your Partner?
As it is, we live in a world where many people rush around and often are rude to each other, and pleasingly sweet and surprising moments in your relationship, would fill you with much gratitude and feelings of great pleasure and happiness than you could imagine.


Being generous in your relationship is important and the more generosity you can bring into it the better and it really isn’t that difficult to do. Think about what your partner needs and loves. For example, if first thing in the morning your partner enjoys a cup of coffee or tea, then why not surprise him or her by making one that he or she could have before getting up to start their day. Or perhaps your partner was supposed to pick up a prescription from the doctors surgery to collect his or her tablets from the chemist but is running late due to a last minute meeting at work and the chemist will be closed by the time he or she leaves, why not offer to collect it and take the weight off his or her shoulders. Or perhaps your partner’s headphone has stopped working, why not buy a new one and see how happy he or she is by you doing so… It could be anything from cooking dinner to helping take the trash out. Although these acts may seem insignificant, when you start doing little things like this for your partner regularly, then there is every chance your partner will return the favours. Remember, the little acts of kindness, given and received, make and keep your relationship stronger.

Fill your partner with warmth, love, happiness and appreciation. Remain smiling.
© Mary Alade

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