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SPENDGenerally, a lot of people spend more than they earn, while others spend haphazardly and have an unimpressive saving culture. In order to keep your spending under control, adhere to these tips:

1. Spend less than you earn: If your monthly income is just enough to get you through the month, or you often find that it’s not enough, then you are not living within your means. You should always spend less than you earn!

2. Understand what factors drive your spending: You need to understand the underlying motives behind your spending. The truth is if we stuck to just buying needs we’d be shocked to realize how little we actually need to survive.

3. Avoid unplanned and unjustifiable debt

4. Avoid accidental spending: A pretty dress sitting on a mannequin and staring at you from a shop window is not an accidental purchase! Regardless of how attractive the dress appears, if it is not in your budget, walk or drive away. On the other hand, having to send some money to a sibling in school or pay a parent’s hospital bill is an accidental spending.

5. Give yourself a weekly allowance in cash: Make provision for a weekly allowance that allows you keep an eye on your actual spending and spoil yourself a little once in a while. Reward yourself for keeping to your budget every now and then.

6. Don’t give into enticing promos: Develop the discipline of keeping to your budget. Remember those who have a financial goal usually save better. Don’t be lured into every sales promo in town, be prudent.

7. Think before you swipe your ATM card: If you can’t afford it don’t swipe it. Simple!

8. Don’t spend to feel good: Spending to feel good only makes you feel bad later on. Deal with the real issues that are troubling you and don’t distract yourself with spending sprees.
Ladies, these tips will help you to keep your spending under control!

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