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How to raise a confident child

By Ijeoma Thomas-Odia
27 March 2021   |   4:12 am
Raising confident children is vital for their survival and existence. It further determines a child’s happiness, success, health and growth throughout life’s journey.


Raising confident children is vital for their survival and existence. It further determines a child’s happiness, success, health and growth throughout life’s journey. When children are confident, they can better deal with life situations as they advance to adulthood, hence it is absolutely necessary to ensure that children build their confidence.

To help your child horn their skills and abilities, parents must ensure they set the pace by modeling the confidence you expect your child to imbibe. Even if you’re not quite feeling it, seeing you tackle new tasks with enthusiasm sets a good example for kids. It however doesn’t mean you have to pretend to be perfect; acknowledge your anxiety, but don’t focus on it—focus on the positive things you are doing to get ready.

Parents should encourage kids to try new things, instead of focusing on what they already excel at. It’s good for kids to diversify; hence attaining new skills makes kids feel capable and confident that they can tackle whatever comes their way. Kids should also be allowed to fail. It is natural to protect your child from failure, but trial and error is a better way children learn. When they fall short on a goal, it helps kids find out that it’s not fatal. It can also spur kids to greater effort, which will serve them well as adults.

It is necessary to help kids see that everyone makes mistakes and the important thing is to learn from them rather than dwell on them. Confident people don’t let fear of failure get in their way that is not because they’re sure they won’t ever fail, but because they know how to take setbacks in stride. Also, help your children find their passion by exploring their own interests. This way, they develop a sense of identity, which is essential to building confidence.

Parents must commend perseverance because learning not to give up at the first frustration or a setback is an important life skill. Confidence and self-esteem are not about succeeding at everything all the time, but being resilient enough to keep trying till you get the best. Help your child turn desires and dreams into actionable goals by encouraging him make a list of things he likes to accomplish, you will be validating his interests and help in learning the skills he needs to attain his goals throughout life.

Praising kids for their accomplishments is beautiful, but it’s also important to let them know you are proud of their efforts regardless of the outcome. It takes hard work to develop new skills, and results aren’t always immediate. Challenges are good for kids, but they should also have opportunities where they can be sure to find success. Help your child get involved with activities that make him feel comfortable and confident.

Children feel more connected and valued when they are trusted to do age-appropriate jobs; from picking up toys to doing dishes to picking up younger siblings from a play date. More importantly, let your child know you love him no matter what. Whether he wins or loses the big game, get good or bad grades, even when you seem mad at him, making sure your child knows that you think he’s great, this definitely goes a long way in boosting his confidence.

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