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‘I’m passionate about helping small businesses grow and not making the same mistakes I made’- Tale Alimi

By Ifeyinwa Anyakorah
07 December 2019   |   4:06 am
Tell us briefly about your career journey I have had an interesting career, which started in technology when it was not as popular as it is today.


Go, Girl! is an event that empowers women with diverse backgrounds and stories by bringing them together in a relaxed environment to sit, listen and learn from each other’s experiences, challenges, mistakes and victories. Created and put together by Workstation in partnership with Guardian Woman, Dalberg, the 9-To-5 Chick and Zuri Westbrook, this event holds monthly at Workstation Bar Beach. In November, we featured Tale Alimi. An author, business coach/strategist and tech co-startup founder, she has coached and spoken for over 5,000 small businesses on growth and strategy and is revolutionising the small-scale business industry. It was a delight to hear her success story and gain some knowledge from her.

Tell us briefly about your career journey I have had an interesting career, which started in technology when it was not as popular as it is today. I was one of the few females who worked in a software development and support company. After a few years working in Technology and Telecommunications, I did my MBA and transitioned to a career in Management Consulting. While I worked in management consulting, I started a direct-to-consumer fashion brand as my side gig. When the business had gotten some traction, I left my job and focused on it for a few years. We grew it to over eight figures in revenue, got some investment and later exited it when I had a fallout with the investor.

I went back to work in technology, then started doing business coaching and consulting on the side because I was passionate about helping small businesses grow and at the same time, not make the same mistakes that I made. Whilst working with small businesses that wanted to scale, I noticed that a lot of them had the challenge of access to finance. I tried to partner with some banks to create a product targeted at them and it did not work out, which led to me starting my new financial technology startup called Owoafara which means “money bridge.”

How do you strike the perfect work-life balance?
I am very passionate about the work I do, so I find myself working at various hours of the day. However, I am also equally as passionate about my relationship with God, my family, personal development and my fitness, so I make time for them. I wake up very early at 4.30am to start my day with prayers and then I run. I am a long distance runner. Then I move on to other parts of my workday. I also try to go to bed before 10:00pm every night when I can.

What would you say has been the most challenging moment in your career?
The most challenging moment in my career is that every time, I have had to transition and start something new, like I am currently doing.

People tell me I am driven and focused, but the truth is I am as scared as the next person to leave my comfort zone. The only thing that pushes me is when the vision that God gives me becomes bigger and more compelling than my fears and I have to move and do something about it.

What did you like most about the Go, Girl! Event?
It was a relaxed and engaging event with an interesting audience and nice red wine!

What do you do to unwind in Lagos?
Sleep is my first way of unwinding. It has a way of rejuvenating me and helping me face the challenges of the next day. I also run like I mentioned earlier and it helps me to think and de-stress. Finally, I love dancing and I try to dance every time I get the chance.

Are there any quotes you live by?
“The future belongs to those that believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt.
“When you let your light shine, you give others permission to do the same” – Marianne Williamson.

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