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Metrowoman entrepreneur of the week: Marian Ebe


Marian Ebe

Marian Ebe is the Creative Lead of Be-Dazzled Events Co., an event-planning, decor and rental company that specialises in creating budget-friendly, amazing and fun event experiences by transforming an ordinary event spaces into extraordinary dreamlands.

Marian is a Bachelor of Science graduate from the University of Ibadan. She went ahead to acquire an advanced certificate in Project Management from the University of Lagos Consult. In her quest for further education, she went to the University of Uyo where she got herself a Post-Graduate Diploma in International Relations before proceeding to City University, London for a certificate in Events Management.


Marian is an ardent believer that being a successful entrepreneur, learning and acquiring knowledge is continuous. She therefore, she went ahead to the Institute of Wedding and Event Design Global, USA.

She is also a chartered member of the Nigerian Institute of Management and had her Masters in Business Administration from the Metropolitan School of Business and Management.
Marian’s career spans across Government, Fashion, Business and Charity. A member of Africa Women in Leadership Organisation, a leading Women Leadership movement and Imabridge Africa, an NGO dedicated to bringing succour to the less privileged in Nigeria. She was once a model and multiple beauty pageant queen.

How did you start?
Ten years ago I attended an event that blew my mind away. The decor was beautifully done and the lighting was absolutely awesome, but the event coordination was not well thought out. That was when Be-Dazzled Events was conceived and birthed and we offer seamless events planning, execution and design. I had always had a flair for planning and organisation, it is an innate quality I never paid attention to while I was growing up until I started business and it just flows naturally. The design aspect came in as a result of my creative mind and love for exquisite spaces. We make our clients guests at their own events.

Mention three skills entrepreneurs must have
. Emotional intelligence skills.
. Great Interpersonal Skills – To be a successful entrepreneur, you will have to work closely with people, your team, clients, vendors, etc. This is very critical. These skills can be learned and improved upon for those who already have a bit of them.
. Critical and Creative Thinking Skills- As an entrepreneur, fresh ideas should always keep coming up in your head as well as being able to make good decisions about opportunities and potential projects. This is also a skill that can be developed.

How do you respond to setbacks?
Initially, responding to failures was very difficult, but over time, I realised that every failure encountered is actually an opportunity to learn again. It helps me learn how not to do a particular thing. I now see failure as feedback, which is actually an element needed for success.

When do you give up on an idea?
I never give up on an idea. Nothing is impossible. Whatever the mind can conceive can be achieved.

What motivates you?
Everything and everyone around me motivate me. There is always something to learn from the next person.

How do you measure success?
For me, success is measured by the positive impact I have made in the lives of people. How I help my family and friends, or how I help my clients meet their event needs, as well as reaching out to the next person in genuine need. So, I don’t measure success in superficial metrics such as money or fame.

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