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Onakomaiya’s The Growing Life inspires women to fulfill purpose

By Halimat Badugu
16 April 2022   |   4:00 am
Women have been charged to take ownership of their growth and personal life, as they do not need permission to grow.

Women have been charged to take ownership of their growth and personal life, as they do not need permission to grow.

This is contained in Kate Onakomaiya’s book, The Growing Life, which focuses on personal growth.

According to the author, who is also Executive Director and President’s Advisory Council member with The John Maxwell Team, as a woman, one doesn’t need permission from anybody to improve oneself and get better.

She said, “Do not wait for permission to become the best version of you. You don’t need permission to read books, take courses, or get a mentor or coach or anyone that can help you. The Internet is there for you to research and develop in the area you want to develop.

“If you don’t like your current condition and circumstances, the only way your future can be better is through personal growth and development. I encourage women to take ownership of their growth and make the choice to leverage on every opportunity to become better.”

Onakomaiya noted that the book was birthed out of her desire to add value to people and see lives transformed through consistent and intentional growth.

“I want to help as many people as possible get out of a state of stagnation and live more progressive and fulfilling lives. I want to inspire those who are already on the journey of growth to keep the fire burning no matter the challenges and find support along the way,” she said.

Speaking on the importance of the principles in the book, she noted that they are relevant to almost all facets of life.

“For example, the principle of ‘believing you are worth it’ is crucial to our everyday success in all life’s endeavours. If you don’t believe you could succeed, you will never be a success. Faith in yourself and your calling or chosen vocation, is a powerful force to spur us on to success.

“When we are not growing, we are declining or dying. When we are not growing, we are toxic and can get to a point of self-destruction. We can even become a danger to those around us. Growth brings meaning to life and makes life meaningful.

“When we apply the principles outlined in the book, we will see more joy, fulfillment, peace, and greater performance in every area of our lives. The principles in The Growing Life apply to your personal life, business, team, government, politics, family, and religion.

“It is about becoming better in every area of our lives and creating positive change around you. Growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow is going to be better.”

Onakomaiya is the founder and lead Coach at Exponential Growth Academy Ltd, a coaching, leadership development and training organisation in Nigeria as well as co-founder of the Blooming Ladies Cooperative, Canada.