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Rules of wealth




Money! We all want lots of it. We need it to pay bills and live the kind of life we want. The problem is most of us never think of wealth creation as a systematic process of planning and monitoring. We think we will get that one big deal or that amazing job with all the perks. If there is anything I have learnt is that to make, keep and have lots of money is a process.

Recently, I have been reading Richard Templar’s best selling book Rules of Wealth. In this book (which I highly recommend) he breaks down the systematic wealth creation process into a set of 100 plus rules. Here are 16 of them to start you of with….(p.S- we’ve created some cool images with these rules, so please feel free to save and share them 🙂

1. Anyone can be wealthy you just need to apply yourself

Wealth is not something reserved for Dangote and Oprah. Wealth creation is a skill that can be learnt, implemented and practiced. Know that you have the same rights and opportunities as anyone else to make as much as you want.

2. Decide on your definition of wealth If you don’t define wealth on your own term, how will you know if you are successful?

3. Set financial objectives

Once you have defined wealth in your own terms (i.e. your goals) you will need to set out how you are going to get there and how long it will take you. The wealthy do not leave things to chance. Understand that proper planning is an integral part of wealth creation

4. Earn legitimately

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t aim to make money through unscrupulous means. According to Templar if you have to resort to being wicked to make money then it means you have failed.

5. Know that money will not bring happiness

Ever heard the phrase, more money, more problem. Many times we think that just having X amount of money would solve all our problems. The truth is money will not make you happier or give you lasting, meaningful peace of mind.

6. Save, save and save

As straight forward as this is, how many times do we miss it completely? We always want to wait to earn that big bonus or make that huge deal before we save. But the real trick in generating wealth is to spend less than you earn.

7. Understand the source of wealth

Wealth is not a reward, rather it is the outcome of action.

8. Cultivate a skill

Once you can do something no one else can do-or very few people can do- you can pretty much name your price.

9. Don’t buy on impulse

Sigh. Did you really need that shirt in all 5 colours? If we don’t learn to curtail our impulse spending we will never be able to spend less than we earn

10. Emergency funds and pensions

Few things are certain in life, but rainy days and getting older are pretty much standard. Remember wealth creating is about long term planning and thinking. Ask yourself, if you stopped earning today, would you be able to keep up with your life style? Don’t wait for the rain to come before you buy an umbrella.

11. Just over broke

A friend once told me that ‘JOB’ stood for being Just Over Broke. Having a steady income is great for stability, but in these tough economic times and many priorities battling with our pockets, diversifying income streams will definitely come in useful

12. How much are you worth?

If you think you are always worth more, it keeps you ambitious, restless and keen to get on.

13. Don’t let your assets remain idle No asset is beautiful unless it works for you-it has to be accumulating and increasing in value to be worth keeping. Plus, never leave cash sitting around-it tends to get bored and wander off.

14. You’ve got to work hard too!

Whoever said money doesn’t grow on trees knew what they were talking about. The wealthy work hard for every penny they earn. They slog it out day and night and so must you.

15. Find money mentors

‘Money mentors are those who have proved their financial acumen by making a bit of money themselves’. There are many things about money we don’t know, money mentors can be a useful independent source of knowledge.

What rules of wealth do you live by and which of the above rules will you be imbibing?

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