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The former mechanical engineer who turned an Albino into a superstar with a makeover


IMG-_0230-(1)Ifeoma Adefemi’s story reads like a scene in a drama. It is strange but true. She is a mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Ado Ekiti who is one of the leading lights in Nigeria’s beauty industry. She gained wide acclaim when she gave an albino a makeover. Ify as she is often called by her clients is the CEO of Iposh looks, a fledging makeup artistry business. In this interview she reveals what makes her unique, why she embarked on that famed makeover for Chinwe and lot’s more

Ifeoma…the brain behind iposh looks
I am Ifeoma Adefemi, from Anambra state. I was born and bred in the south west I am married with a son and the CEO of Iposh looks .I grew up with boys. I am the only girl amongst 3 boys. I think I grew up fast because the responsibilities of being a first born did not allow me do the “sand” play for long. Those days, my mum used to say I was very ugly and that my brothers where finer, so I was forced to enhance my look. It all started from there.

Discovering my passion for makeup artistry
I started Makeup artistry because my mum used to say I was very ugly. Because I did it well on myself, people started commending me for it. I enjoy it even more than engineering. I started giving it a thought and decided to make it a career.

Childhood preparations
I am an only girl with boys .I don’t think my childhood prepared me for this. If I wasn’t doing make-up I would be doing fashion designing or interior décor. I just love colours. Till now, I still have friends that are into fashion that I still give suggestions to.

Starting out in business
When I started out, it was just a hobby then I made it a business. Lives are hinging on Iposh looks. Even if something bad should happen to the business, my husband will be able to take care of the family, how about my team who are part of the dream. ?A lot of things inspire me to continue against all odds .Its the joy I derive when I see a bride smile in the mirror, that keeps me going.

The inspiration behind the brand name
I am a very playful person .My boyfriend of then who happens to be my husband, usually call me Ariel which happens to be a Greek word for lioness. So I initially chose the name Ariel concept, people where calling it Ariel(the detergent) so I opted for Iphy’s flair. I consulted some of my friends on BBM telling them I wanted a new business name. One of them suggested Iposh .Those days iphone was the rave of the moment. So I finally decided to go for Iposh.

Describing my personality
I think I am a blend of an extrovert and an introvert. Some people think I don’t talk at all and some people think I talk a lot. For me, its about where I am .I am very careful .Growing up with guys made me outspoken. Guys would push you to the extreme.

What makes Iposh Unique?
I will be able to answer that question based on what people have said. Some people have said they love the way we create our eyebrows, some also say they love the way I craft my post on instagram even though I have stopped doing that lately because I have had a lot on my plate.

Most memorable makeover
The most memorable makeover will still be the albino makeover I did. Its memorable not just because of its acceptance, but for me it was more about the motive .I was in a point in my makeover career when it just became boring. I just wanted something more. I wasn’t going out scouting for an albino .I was on my explore page on Instagram and I saw this albino girl who was on a trip to Obudu Cattle Ranch and she just had this bum short on. She lives life like she doesn’t care. She loves herself and so I asked myself, “How can I encourage her, make her feel extremely good and also encourage others?” I sent her a direct message telling her I was a big fan and offered her a makeup treat. I have never done makeup for an albino before, so for me I was taking up a challenge/making a damsel really happy. She was skeptical of the outcome and to be honest I was also scared. I was even afraid to upload it on my page, but I found the courage to, and I’m glad I did. Afterwards, she sent me a message saying I made her touch lives. She has been getting calls from mothers with albino kids and she indeed feels the shoot was really more than just a shoot.

I didn’t know whether to make her look like a yellow girl or to retain her albino look. I was confused. I had to ask her what she was comfortable in and to be fair, she said anything. I felt every other day she is an albino but she could just look different. So I gave her that tan look. It was something I won’t do ordinarily. I just decided to do it. I also had a color challenge, choosing between red or any other colour.

Advise to young women entrepreneurs
I am an advocate for pursuing one’s passion .I didn’t have to prepare for this interview, because it’s something I live for. I can keep talking on and on. Recently, I had to pay a sum of money to a senior colleague to coach me on how I can get the best from my staff. Imagine if I am not passionate about my career. I advise female entrepreneurs to do something they enjoy. You will be frustrated if you are not passionate. I wasn’t born in Lagos but marriage made me relocate to Lagos and getting new clients in Lagos was a major challenge.

Being a woman of rubies
For me its about giving. There is something that giving does to me. My son can’t give me that joy. I won’t stop being relevant because I won’t stop giving. I believe there is nothing I have that I wasn’t given. Some of my colleagues tell me to draw back and not give all I know, but I insist on being a giver. I can’t imagine a life without giving.

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