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The Nigerian reality…



On why he has no faith in Nigerians, a friend pointed out how his folks out-rightly embezzled his funds for a building project back home…until he met someone who turned out different.

In my response, I asked if this ‘angel’ of a person came from Sudan.

He said no, that he is actually his fellow Igbo man. Just from another state.

One of the issues that I have with those who don’t see anything good in Nigerians….

Shouldn’t “finding someone who turned out different” make him realise that there are possibly more of such persons in the system?


Family failed you but a total stranger, who didn’t even have anything to lose by doing as others did, proved to be positively different. How else should life jolt one into a re-think about BLANKET CONDEMNATION?

Am I the only one who finds these remarks downright OFFENSIVE?

I have a young friend that did her NYSC in Lagos. Recently, she said, ‘’Aunty, those LAGOS PEOPLE are too kind.’’ And then she recounted how people came to her rescue when she was involved in an accident in Lagos.

At the accident scene she lost her wallet and phone. Yet, in the same situation…GOODWILL poured in.
On hearing her lamentation about her missing wallet and phone, people raised funds for her, right there! Someone also took her to the hospital and sorted out the expenses.

This (right here!) is what I call the NIGERIAN REALITY!

Yes… bad eggs abound. Yet, it doesn’t erase the fact that PEOPLE OF INTEGRITY dwell in this same space. I tell people that you only need to travel to some (especially Asian) countries to begin to appreciate Nigerians more. We are warm-hearted, please!

What you choose to see is what will always affect your narratives about Nigerians. Personally, there is not a day that I step out of the house (or browse the social media) that I do not end up amused, inspired or impressed… by Nigerians.

From the elderly couple that I run into most mornings, who jog up a slope that leaves a walking me breathless, the entrepreneurial young man in the traffic whose words leave me in stitches, to people whose views on issues bring on your ‘thinking cap’. And many more.

If you can’t see ANY GOOD in Nigerians…YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!

During the previous political dispensation, someone in that government lamented that some Nigerians in the Diasporas were the ones overwhelming the government with all manner of ‘proposals.’ I even joked with some friends that…they don’t pass through Lagos again. All roads seemed to lead to Abuja.

You see some of these people who talk nonsense about Nigerians? If they can…they will swallow Nigeria! While the rest of us are still cap in hand…for the ‘national cake’.

By the way…
Until we learn not to talk politics based on WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME…I am afraid things will remain the same for a long time to come in Nigeria.

It’s such a SHAME that ours is a politics of the stomach-where those that began as VOICE OF REASON change tunes overnight. This upcoming election has taught me so much about the human nature but all I can say is this…I HOPE ALL THAT NOISE ON THE SOCIAL MEDIA IS BECAUSE NIGERIA’S FATE IS TRULY YOUR HEADACHE.

It takes life nothing to throw what we sow at us…if not now- then, later. Our politics of insults and agenda is so disappointing. Where then is the genuineness of passion to get Nigeria back on track? Do we really realise what is at stake?

Here a few issues to ponder…as you decide what YOUR VOTE will say to Nigeria.
. Did Nigeria’s problem start with today? Absolutely not.
. Could she have done better? Very much so.
. MORNING SHOWS THE DAY…whoever has something to offer needn’t spend donkey years in government to effect a change that the common man can relate to.
. Nobody can wave a MAGIC WAND over Nigeria’s issues but ineptitude is no option.

If there is one purpose that everyone’s vote should serve this period…it should be to make every politician in Nigeria realise once again that POWER STILL LIES WITH THE PEOPLE and not SHALLOW political propaganda.

Your VOTE is your voice, folks. Casting your vote should not be because you prefer a section of the country to the other.

Where a president comes from or the religion he practises isn’t going to do the job. All that is required to restore the glory of Nigeria is HONESTY OF PURPOSE…and it starts with you and I.

Voting with a questionable motive means just one thing…you have contributed in BRINGING NIGERIA TO HER KNEES.

Decide the fate of Nigeria through your votes, efforts and prayers!

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Chukwuneta Oby
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