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The way-out is always there – Part 2



Taking the lessons from the previous discourse on this topic a bit further! .“People who nurture friendships are not completely alone in trying times.’’

…the key word here is NURTURE. That is, MAKING EFFORTS in the lives of others.

It’s not about wanting to be everybody’s friend…so you can beg for assistance when things go awry for you. You’ve got to bring some values to the table of friendship, too.
The women who came through for her were neither her church members nor from her place. If in this age, we have not realised that our solution won’t always come from where we look, we will remain unfair to ourselves.

You don’t know whom God has placed on your life path as an OPEN DOOR. This is especially for people who don’t relate well with people around them.


Your neighbour is your first family away from family. If things go wrong, a neighbour is the most likely person to come running to you…even before family and friends get to you.

. “But as we interacted deeper, I opened up to them about our challenges.’’

Sometimes, we suffer not because we have nobody to help us but because we keep it all in, when life could really be easier if we cried out for help. But then, she reached out as her friendship with them deepened.

It is sometimes plain bad manners to heap your troubles on someone that barely knows you. It is more appropriate to reach out to those that you have some sort of connection/familiarity/history with.

. “Did someone actually say women are their own enemy?’’

I have personally come across women-whose wonderful disposition towards me has continually rubbished this assertion. Only bad women are their fellow women’s nightmare.

. Vulnerability is the weakness of character.

Next time you are tempted to condemn rather than empathise, look at the fellow’s circumstances first. A lot of those we are so quick to condemn/judge…very few of us can walk STRAIGHT if in their shoes.

The most important thing is that who has erred finds their way back to the straight path and grace. And unless you have been through a situation, never you boast of what you can or cannot do.

. If you want to get back on your feet…take the humble route.

Well, the economic situation in Nigeria has made this notion even more glaring. Don’t think any honest endeavour (that can put food on your table) is beneath you…especially when you are struggling.

Friends won’t keep giving you if you are not making some efforts. Don’t let yourself become a perpetual liability. A lot of people become docile once people are giving them.

I am also talking to people who aren’t lifting a finger in their real life endeavours, but are content doing online begging. It is more respectable that you ask friends for jobs than continually ask them for handouts. This family’s lot improved because someone refused to give the man fish but taught him how to fish, instead.

. “These days, happiness is also when my pot of soup is not empty.’’

The only reason this lady remained upbeat in all these is because she has GRATITUDE. Only a grateful heart sees and appreciates the small wins in situations.

Sometimes, our situations are only but HOW WE SEE THINGS. Things might not be as hard as our head is telling us…just that we don’t usually understand that ‘”it could have been worse.’’

. “I was so blinded by the odds that I didn’t see that God has always provided… just in a different way.’’

It is important that as you pray for a way out of your challenges, you also come to the acceptance that God will come through for you IN HIS OWN WAY.

So many times we have failed to see the solution before us, just because they have not appeared in the exact format in our head. The Almighty has His ways. And His ways don’t always have to be in the manner that pleases us, but His ways always turn out best.

. “The way-out is always there.’’
Even a rejection/disappointment can point you to the way-out. Learn to see the rejections and disappointments as nothing but a “re-direction” of sorts from life. And then find the patience to explore every new development. That could just be the tunnel holding your light.

Some of us take every NO so personally that we miss the message that NO could be giving us.

. “Only love can cover a multitude of inadequacies.’’
People who claim “love is not enough’’ actually don’t understand LOVE. The kind of love practiced by most people is CONVENIENT LOVE, anyway.
Otherwise, there is nothing love can’t achieve.

However, I am aware that the real test of love can weary an average human soul!


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