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”The woman was created as an incubator to bring things together” – Ibhade Omogbai, Entrepreneur

By Esther Ijewere
14 October 2017   |   3:47 am
The woman was created as an incubator – to bring thing together, to make things that are in a confused state organized, To bring to life visions and thoughts of man. The woman is unique in every aspect.

I would say my childhood is the bed rock on which my enterprising skills were planted. My mum was a very aggressive trader, and I learnt a lot from her, before she passed on. She had cold rooms, borrow pits, real estates and a sawmill . Being her last baby, I was always with her in her meetings and discussions. I would say I learnt a lot of technics from her negotiating skills.

More about me
I am a mother of 2 kids married to a wonderful husband who stands with me in all I do and is passionate to seeing me achieve the best that I can be.
I am also the last of 7 siblings most of which are career oriented, but the last 2 of the 7 ( my sister and I) are vigorously business minded. Being the two who were always with her in business and otherwise before she passed on, we have followed in her footsteps, but I must say this hasn’t been easy at all indeed has had a very large shoe size that both of us still haven’t been able to fit in. I am determined to become the best version of my self with hopes that I will be remembered for the values and principles that I stand for. I am determined to be a force for positive change in my generation. I am very family oriented and my desire and what I stand for is the family principles taking center stage in all decisions that we make.

More about what I do
I manage a company that produce packaged food at the best price and quality for Nigerians at primary consideration and the world in general. Although we are profit oriented, at the core of our mission is our social interest or responsibility. We are providing employment for Nigerians, with a target of (100 direct and 300 indirect staffs by 2020). Producing quality food at best prices to Nigerians ( ensuring our prices fits into the disposable expense category of the average Nigerian consumer), become a source for foreign exchange to the Nigerian government with our export proceeds, encourage entrepreneurship by organizing an annual free seminar for food processing and development. I also plan to diversify our revenue base by venturing into other sectors. We have just launched our recycling division recycling different types of plastics for plastic manufacturing companies.

Inspiration behind Arinoch ventures
My late mother’s energetic personality drives me the most. I often make comparison with what she achieved with her short time on earth with how I am faring now.
She wasn’t educated, I am a graduate of economics. She had 7 children and I just have 2. She built several companies ( timber, sawmills, sand mines, fish trading and real estate) well, am still trying to finalise my operating structure were my ownership is separated from management and yes I have big plans like my mother. The thought of her wishing me well keeps me going. Also, my husband is a very aggressive goal getter. He is a go and get it done person, so am grateful he is with me. A lot of his principles guides and inspires me

Greatest reward
My greatest reward is the satisfactory look I get from my customers every time we close a perfect transaction . It’s the best feeling in the world – it’s the feeling of satisfaction. A win- win situation . A feeling that guarantees my future.

Finance – we will love to expand faster and have our presence in all the local government in Nigeria. We will love to be present in all the continents in this world.

Projects and activities
We are currently producing plantain chips of different flavors. We want to make biscuits and cheese balls. We just started our recycling business in plastics. We are also planning for metals and wood recycling. We will be starting our real estate business soon also.

On giving up
Well in business there are ups and downs. To be sincere, I have lost count on how times I have often felt like giving up, but the Lord is our strength when it comes to business and challenges in Nigeria but we owe it to this generation not to give up and to build a structure on which the future generation will build on.

Are Nigerians benevolent enough?
Yes , I will say the average Nigerian is supportive and encouraging, but the Nigerian Government often acts as enemies to their tax payers

Who and what inspire me
There are lots of people I look up to but one often stands out…Dr Uche Ogah, the owner and founder of Masters Energy Group .

I am a Woman of Rubies
If your definition is based on values and principles of integrity, passion and vision for the growth and establishment of the woman as an agent of positive change in Nigeria primarily and the world in general. Then I will see myself as a woman of Rubies because that is what I stand for.

Final word for women all over the world
The woman was created as an incubator – to bring thing together, to make things that are in a confused state organized, To bring to life visions and thoughts of man. The woman is unique in every aspect. She is not a toy to be played with, she is to be taken seriously, she is not to be bruised, she is to be maintained. We shouldn’t let ourselves down but stand together as a force for positive change to all generations