Tuesday, 6th June 2023
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With For Her Campaign, Paga equips Female Entrepreneurs, awards N1 million grant

By Ngozi Egenuka
22 April 2023   |   2:50 am
Women have been urged to improve their skills, identify their strength and resist inferiority complex to achieve maximum impact in their professional endeavours.

Participants at the Paga Women Conference held in Lagos

Identifying the crucial role women play in global economic growth and development, Paga Group, has launched ‘For Her’ campaign aimed at equipping women with insights to positively impact their career and business.

Speaking at Paga Women Conference, themed, The Beauty and Business of Equity, in Lagos, Head, People Operations, Seyi Ajayi, said the campaign focused on promoting female-owned businesses and empowering women both within and outside the organisation.

She encouraged women to improve their skills, which would be beneficial.
“Supporting women would always be important to us. Whether it is by having female representation at the highest levels of leadership in the company, supporting female owned businesses, working with organisations that are focused on empowering or investing in the growth of women, these would be our focus,” she said.

Managing Director, MTN Global Connect Nigeria, Josephine Sarouk, speaking on the theme said equity is about accessing opportunities best suited for one’s growth.

She observed that as people elevate in their careers, there is imbalance in the ratio of men to women that get promoted.
According to her, in 2020, Havard Business Review did a survey on men and women in leadership and found that outbox 19 leadership traits, women had 13 of the traits.

She said that women are still underrepresented in boardrooms and decision making roles because of the resources they are presented with at their places of work.
Sarouk urged women to embrace their skills, identify their strength and resist inferiority complex.

Founder, Majeurs Furniture, Demi Samande, said she doesnt percieve her gender as a limitation in her male dominated sector because her skill sets are not restricted.
She called on female professional to stop putting limitations on different industries based on gender and focus on delivering excellent services.

Partner, Tax & ESG, PwC, Esiri Agbeyi, advised women to surround themselves with advocates that would pull them up at all times, while adding the need to self believe.

The conference included a video pitch competition featuring female entrepreneurs from Nigeria, a video campaign for Paga female staff and an award ceremony. Pamela Owei of Pamela Owei Photography emerged as the winner of the competition and received a grant of N1million.

Through this campaign, Paga has shown the power of collaboration and the impact of supporting women in business. It reinforces the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, recognising the value that women bring to the workforce and the economy.