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Asna’s business adventure


My name is Asna Awwal Bamanga. I’m 9 years old, born in Lagos Nigeria.

My name is Asna Awwal Bamanga. I’m 9 years old, born in Lagos Nigeria. I attend a Pampers Private school in Surulere, Lagos.

I joined the kid entrepreneurs club in second term of my higher grade 4. But before I joined, I had already had this burning passion for creating things myself to solve people’s problems. Baking cupcakes for children has always been my major passion.

I’ve always have the desire to bake for kids during celebrations/parties and of course have my own share of reward (money).

Fast forward to when kid entrepreneurs came through; I just saw this group of adults come to address us in our class at the start of the term. They introduced themselves and told us what they do.

As they were talking, I just felt “could it be these guys that would help my passion develop?” I got home and talked my dad into signing up for me after explaining everything in details to him.

Alongside some other kids, I joined the club with my parent’s help, I was taught how to come up with my own business idea (which is always what you love doing).I didn’t stay so much in the thought before I knew what I wanted.

So, I got to choose my business name, I designed my business logo, made a list of what will make my cupcakes special and all of that.

As we speak, I’m Asna, the CEO of Asna Cakes and Pastries.

I make colourful and yummy cupcakes for kids. My cupcakes are special because they are made from the best ingredients, they are done under supervision of professionals, they are tested and trusted, and they are affordable.

Speaking profit, I know how to fix price, so I can determine my profit.

After listing my ingredients, I find out the price of each and summing them up gives my total money for production of a particular amount of cupcakes.

This total amount is what determines how much I will sell each (taking labour cost also into consideration). Take for example: if I have to use N1,000 to produce 10 cupcakes, I need to sell each cupcake more that N100 to make profit. If I sell each N200, it means I will make a profit of N1,000 for just 10 cupcakes which is interesting!

Currently, I sell to friends and family friends. My parents are also helping with marketing and very soon, I’m taking my business to a higher level by using social media as marketing tools to reach out to the world.

I just want to implore other kids like me to start doing something. You might not have this ‘big’ idea, but the little you have can turn big if you start early. It might not bring forth so much money at first, later on you become an expert in what you started as a novice and by then, you’ll see you are in business already.

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