Wednesday, 8th February 2023
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2 Jan
A new study has revealed that the earth may face mass extinction by 2100 that could wipe out more than a quarter of world’s biodiversity. Published at the just concluded COP15 summit in Canada, the research was led by European Commission scientist, Giovanni Strona and Professor Corey Bradshaw of Flinders University.  Blaming over-exploitation of resources, land-use change,…
31 Aug
Experts in Environmental Law, yesterday, called for a more practical approach to conserve the earth for future generations.
28 Aug
Children of God are not by any means insulated from ugly situations. For as long as they are on this earth, they will continue to experience one calamity or the other.
31 Jul 2022
A Chinese booster rocket made an uncontrolled return to Earth on Saturday, leading US officials to chide Beijing for not sharing information about the potentially hazardous object's descent.
26 Jun 2022
The word of God is the sword of the spirit that causes the sinful heart to repent and prepare to meet with the Master, the holy God who does not behold iniquity. The life on this planet earth is designed
6 Jun 2022
As the world, yesterday, marked the World Environment Day (WED), experts expressed concerns that climate change and people’s poor attitude to the environment wreck the ecosystem
3 May 2022
On Friday, April 22, 2022, the world celebrated the Earth Day, an annual event by the United Nations, to among other things; demonstrate support for environmental protection
16 Jan 2022
When you give yourself to God as a sacrifice, you no longer own yourself, God owns you. God becomes your owner. If you are a living sacrifice, God will control your life, here on earth
5 Dec 2021
We have a Father, Who is the Almighty God in heaven as the King of kings and the Lord of lords. He is the Creator of heaven, earth, and everything therein.
7 Nov 2021
God's concern for man is to restore him to his former position on earth. He was not comfortable that man, who is supposed to be seated on earth as a king, is rendered destitute because of loss of holiness
17 Oct 2021
A Russian actress and a film director returned to Earth Sunday after spending 12 days on the International Space Station (ISS)
4 Oct 2021
There is no country on the planet Earth with a higher ratio of an aggregate of natural resource endowments to natural hazards and disasters than Nigeria. Nigeria has the best natural endowments


6 mins ago
The National Orientation Agency (NOA), on Tuesday, charged members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to make it a point of duty to study, understand and consciously practise the seven core values and patriotism of the nation as enshrined in the nation’s constitution.
16 mins ago
South African President Cyril Ramaphosa delivers his annual address to the nation on Thursday, facing mounting pressure over the country's energy crisis.
23 mins ago
A fuel-laden tanker exploded on Wednesday on the Ore-Benin Expressway at Ore, Odigbo Local Government Area of Ondo State, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.
39 mins ago
He used to preside over Latin America's largest country and its 214 million people. Now Brazil's former far-right leader lives in a small Florida town and eats alone in a fast-food restaurant.
1 hour ago
NAIROBI, Kenya, 08 Frebruary 2023 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/- Today, climate resilience venture launcher Triggering Exponential Climate Action (TECA) has announced the selection of seven startups to each receive $55,000 in funding to advance their solutions for the blue economy in Africa. The startup founders were selected following their participation in TECA’s fellowship program, where they were supported to create…