A logo of Huawei Cloud is seen during the 2019 Huawei Connect conference in Shanghai on September 18, 2019. - Chinese telecom giant Huawei will step up its presence in the global market for computer hardware, a top company official said on September 18, as it weathers a US assault on the network gear and mobile phone segments in which it is already dominant. (Photo by STR / AFP)

Firm unveils tech-driven storage for media industry

A GLOBAL Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure provider, Huawei, has unveiled its innovative and technologically-driven cloud solution for broadcast media, particularly television networks in Nigeria.
3 months ago

Oyo State continues to lead in ICT excellence

Attains New Milestones at the 11th General Meeting of the National Council on Communications and Digital Economy Following Oyo state’s success at the 2022 General Meeting of the National Council on Communications,
6 months ago
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