Sunday, 2nd April 2023
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26 Sep 2022
There is no doubt on the minds of discerning Nigerians, including the political class, that what is needed to empower the protracted Nigerian national project is the urgent need to reset Nigeria’s federalism through a crucial restructuring.
16 Aug 2022
We must avoid being ensnarled by the fetishism of design, particularly the fetishism of constitutional design, implied in the faith placed in, for example, True Federalism or Restructuring, as the solution, impliedly the final solution to the problem of democracy and federalism in our country.
7 Aug 2022
With presidential campaigns commencing end of next month, Nigerians are justifiably worried that the candidates are more engrossed in petty matters than generating and debating the big ideas that could pull the nation back from the cliff.
13 Jun 2022
Ondo State Governor, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, has identified restructuring as the only panacea to address the myriad of challenges confronting the nation, particularly insecurity.
13 May 2022
Participants at a national political dialogue on the constitutional future of Nigeria, in Abuja, yesterday, unanimously called for restructuring of the country.
9 Jan 2022
(a) an Inspector-General of Police who, subject to section 216(2) of this Constitution shall be appointed by the President on the advice of the Nigeria Police Council from among serving members of the Nigeria Police Force;
28 Dec 2021
The author specifically notes the impact of uniform tax decree that made it impossible for the states to vary taxes besides abolishing export duties and sales tax and imposing uniform fuel pricing system on revenue.
7 Oct 2021
A think-tank of Yoruba professionals, intellectuals and entrepreneurs, The Yoruba Leadership and Peace Initiative (TYLPI), has urged Nigerians to take the initiative and begin the process of producing a new constitution for the country rather than wait in vain for the National Assembly to do so.
19 Sep 2021
The Yoruba Leadership and Peace Initiative (TYLPI) is to hold a national seminar on the restructuring of Nigeria with a view to providing clarity on the subject.
15 Sep 2021
The above quote is from a column I wrote in 2017 to debunk the notion that religion alone is and has always been at the core of the perennial conflicts in the North.
24 Aug 2021
It is a very complex situation to analyse. But my opinion is that the insecurity in the nation now is as a result of insincerity of leadership; insincerity of leadership in relaying matters exactly as they are, insincerity of leadership in confessing their weaknesses...
19 Aug 2021
All the issues and the contradictions besetting the floundering Nigerian state are piling up and the relief that is seen is a benumbing heap of problems.


22 mins ago
As Nigerians grapple with the multidimensional hardship in daily lives occasioned by the persistent Naira scarcity, financial experts have encouraged them to brace up for more difficult times as the crises might not abate soon.
36 mins ago
There seems to be no respite yet for the poultry industry, as farmers across the country have continued to count their losses due to the impact of the naira redesign policy.
37 mins ago
Recently, when the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ward executives at Igyorov ward in Gboko Local Government Area of Benue State suspended the party’s national chairman, Dr. Iyorchia Ayu, it followed a predictable pattern: impunity has always defined the party’s leadership methodology.
40 mins ago
Education plays a crucial role in a child’s development, shaping their abilities, attitudes, and behaviors that contribute to society’s overall well being.
40 mins ago
Statutorily, Nigeria is seven years behind in the conduct of its Population and Housing census. Ideally, a census should be conducted every 10 years, but since the last exercise held in 2006, multiple factors have prevented Nigeria from conducting the exercise as at when due.